JustCo is the brainchild of JustGroup – born from the idea of creating a vibrant coworking space in Singapore that flexibly reaches out to local and international businesses of all shapes and sizes. Beyond the beauty and aesthetic of our spaces, the greater goal that we are trying to achieve here is to foster a colorful community of businesses that would fundamentally make work, enjoyable and friendly.

JustCo commits to always being a friendly, transparent and flexible business partner you can trust. We emphasize on fostering a JustCommunity that not only benefits your business but the community at large as well. JustCo is confident in leading and shaping a more cosmopolitan, collaborative and vibrant business landscape – to make work better, with you.

Our Mission

At JustCo, we believe that working does not have to be a dull and lifeless endeavor. In the spirit of JustCommunity, we hope to foster a conducive and productive space for our members to innovate, create and inspire.

Let's Make Work Better – Together

" We are championing the movement of the sharing economy, which encourages and fosters collaborations to boost innovation and productivity. "

Kong Wan Sing
Founder and CEO - JustCo

"The beauty of the JustCo business model is that it integrates and connects members into one community, while at the same time, providing them the option of working independently. At JustCo, we are championing the movement of the sharing economy, which encourages and fosters collaborations to boost innovation and productivity."

"I think we are this bright and happy space that just makes it an awesome place to come to work! The hot desk spaces and studios are really conducive. Yet, we also have these pockets of entertainment are like a ping-pong table or an arcade that really helps foster good relationships between our members."

Farah Hood
Senior Community Manager

"The advantages to specifically freelancers, start-ups and small businesses are apparent. Enterprising individuals or even foreign companies might find the idea of venturing into Singapore daunting due to traditional work space costs. We take all of that fuss away! We have flexible memberships that allows them to rent one-desk, if that's what they need!""

Brandon Chia
Head of Sales, Singapore

"We have state of the art tech here! I make sure the Internet is very secure so my clients can rest assure their work remains confidential always."

Willhall Siau
Head of IT, Singapore

Get in Touch With Us

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