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What do Millennials & Gen Zs value in their jobs?

10 January, 2024
Image representing Millennials and Gen Z values and beliefs

As the work landscape undergoes significant changes, two prominent generations – Millennials and Generation Z – are gradually dominating the workforce. 

Distinct from their predecessors, these generations possess unique values, beliefs, and expectations concerning their professional lives. Understanding them is pivotal for companies aiming to attract, engage, and retain young talent.

Here are the five main factors they value in their jobs:

1. Thirst for learning

Continual learning and personal development are at the heart of what Millennials and Gen Zs seek. They don’t want just a job; they value a profession that propels their professional and personal growth.

In fact, a survey by an e-learning platform Epignosis found that 76% of employees are more likely to stay with a company that offers continuous training. This is why opportunities for upskilling, mentorship, and exposure to different roles are highly valued.

JustCo Singapore provides ample avenues for members to expand their knowledge and skill sets. For instance, workshops and networking events are often hosted at our meeting rooms and event spaces. This fosters a diverse community where professionals can mingle and exchange ideas, each bringing a unique perspective and values.

2. Prioritising flexibility

Besides upskilling, both Millennials and Gen Zs have a heightened appreciation for work-life flexibility. Gone are the days of the rigid 9-5. These generations value jobs that offer flexible hours, remote working options, and the autonomy to decide how they manage their tasks. 

JustCo Singapore offers versatile workspaces such as hot desks that accommodate traditional and non-traditional work schedules, creating an optimal environment for all professionals.

Looking for a flexible workspace?
A JustCo coworking membership offers a comfortable, productive office environment in more than 20 locations around Singapore – and over 40 across APAC. Perfect for hybrid and decentralised teams! 

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3. Purpose over paycheck

While compensation remains essential, Millennials and Gen Zs are more inclined to jobs aligning with their personal values and beliefs, allowing them to make a difference in society. They want to be part of organisations that prioritise ethical practices and societal contributions, according to a 2023 survey by Deloitte

As a hub for various start-ups and enterprise companies, JustCo Singapore offers the younger workforce a chance to connect with purpose-driven initiatives. For instance, the coworking space recently partnered with GWPR Singapore to organise “Winning in Heels” – a masterclass led by Kim Underhill, CEO of She Brilliance, for women to share insights on self-development, gender equality in the workplace, and the challenges faced by modern women juggling multiple roles.

4. Mental well-being & company culture

Next, the cultural fit of a company also plays a crucial role for Millennials and Gen Zs. They gravitate towards workplaces that emphasise mental well-being, inclusivity, diversity, and a sense of community.

JustCo Singapore’s community-centric approach, with its emphasis on fostering a supportive, inclusive environment, mirrors the values and beliefs these generations hold dear. For example, Self-Love Tuesdays are also conducted on the last Tuesday of every month. This is a breakfast initiative with a wide spread of food like pancakes, waffles, and yoghurt for all members across the centres in Singapore to get a right start to their workday. Individual centres also have their own initiatives, just like how JustCo The Centrepoint has a mental health support group conducted by Resilience Collective.

Besides mental health, the physical health of JustCo’s members is not neglected either. Complimentary eye check-ups conducted by trained professionals at Vision Direct Club are available at various centres

5. Seamless technology integration


Having grown up in the digital age, Millennials and Gen Zs expect their workplaces to be technologically advanced. They value efficiency, seamless digital experiences, and are quick to embrace new technological tools. 

Staying ahead of the curve, JustCo Singapore integrates the latest tech solutions in its spaces like meeting rooms, ensuring members have access to state-of-the-art facilities.

future proof

Future-Proof Your Office Space with JustCo Singapore

As Millennials and Gen Zs continue to define the future of work, it becomes imperative for companies and workspaces to adapt to their unique preferences. 

JustCo Singapore understands what drives these generations and offers solutions aligning with their values, positioning ourselves as visionary leaders in the evolving workspace landscape. A mix of hot desks, fully serviced office spaces, communal areas, and virtual offices in Singapore are available to cater to everyone’s different needs. Learn more about our suite of coworking solutions so you can future-proof your office space.

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