Understanding the Hybrid Work Model

With certain regions of Australia entering a state of snap lockdown once again, it is clear that businesses need to start planning for a permanent pandemic by rethinking their organisational models. However, without a playbook on what the future of work might look like, businesses can only collectively track the pace of change while experimenting with and piloting different working models to accommodate both employees’ preferences and business needs.

While the 100% remote work model proves effective in facilitating safe distancing, some cracks are beginning to emerge as the experiment stretches on. With work and personal lives shoved under the same roof, 73% of Australians indicated that their stress levels have skyrocketed, and work-from-home fatigue has gradually set in.

At a time where organisations are shifting their focus to building the muscles for a truly effective operating model, there is one that appears to be the most optimal in the current climate and for the foreseeable future. That is – the hybrid work model.

What is a hybrid work model?

With an emphasis on flexibility, inclusivity and support, the hybrid work model is one that accommodates a main office for business visibility and flexible workspaces that conform to employees’ varying needs. The latter can include coworking spaces, public spaces and homes. In a hybrid workplace, employees are given the autonomy to pick between working in a central office and off-site – or shuffle between both, depending on the demand of a given day.

Evidently, it is an intuitive and dynamic model that offers both sociability and flexibility. Organisations that can successfully respond to this new workflow will likely enjoy a competitive edge. Read on to find out why.

Why is hybrid an effective operational model?

Better position your real estate portfolio for agility

With the purpose of the workplace evolving dramatically over the past year, traditional offices with oversized footprints may no longer be required.

Furthermore, the conventional practice of leasing a traditional office is often tied with an inflexible long-term agreement, which makes it challenging for organisations to upsize and downsize as needed. A hybrid work model, on the other hand, gives organisations better control over their capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operating expenses (OPEX). This enables the level of flexibility required to boost top-line growth and bottom-line efficiency in today’s world of work.

It adapts to how individuals work best

The hybrid work model is all about balancing personal flexibility with team collaboration and creating the best work experiences for everyone in the organisation. Employees with various personal commitments can opt to work at on-demand spaces near their homes, while those who thrive better on-site can head back to the office as and when their schedule permits. By adopting this fully flexible model, organisations can emerge from the pandemic with mentally healthier employees and better performing teams.

Is the hybrid work model suitable for you?

Whether you are running a matured startup with a growing member base or a large corporation with a geographically dispersed team, the unprecedented level of flexibility that the hybrid workplace offers proves that it can best support the changing face of work. Leverage on JustCo’s extensive network of coworking spaces across 9 cities globally for an elevated hybrid work experience.

From the organisation’s perspective, not being chained to a rigid lease term means being able to save a fortune when it comes to real estate. Tap on our economies of scale for office set up procurement, and save cost by renting the spaces you need and leverage on our communal facilities. For employees, the hybrid work model grants them a sense of control and better work-life balance. It boosts productivity and empowers them to do their best work despite being miles apart.

Give your employees the tools they need to stay productive

The hybrid work model is a vital ingredient in meeting the work demands of today and tomorrow. Organisations looking to embrace this singular opportunity to reposition their real estate strategy need adaptable workspaces that can help support all types of collaboration. Here is where JustCo comes in.

Offering a suite of plans coupled with thoughtfully designed workspaces and modern business amenities like fully equipped meeting rooms and high-speed internet, JustCo has all you need to run your business more profitably and efficiently. With a diverse community of like-minded individuals, JustCo also opens up greater opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

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