Why startups & coworking must stick together

According to StartupBlink’s 2020 report on the world’s Startup Rankings, Australia ranks seventh among the top ten most startup-friendly countries in the world. While this indicates an expanding startup ecosystem in the country, it also entails a growing demand for space to foster innovation.

In an era where innovation, scalability and productivity are cornerstones of business success, startups need more than just a growth bed. Acting as a launchpad for the likes of Instagram, Spotify, and Uber, coworking has a proven track record of nurturing businesses from their inception to becoming multinational conglomerates.

A hub for innovation & productivity

At the heart of any startup lies innovation, a premise on which coworking spaces are also built.. Open office plans defined by strategically-positioned hot desks and breakout areas in coworking offices facilitate not only collaboration with peers, but also connection and co-innovation with professionals from various industries who may offer insights into growth areas.

Startups can quench their thirst for innovation with a plethora of professional development workshops, social events and partnership programmes. This means more avenues to network with practitioners, exchange ideas and collaborate with both breadth and depth.

The result: incomparable lead generation opportunities.

Top it off with a suite of business services that enable startups to streamline operations and focus on business goals.

Designed for business scalability

The option to scale up affordably is integral to startups, so being tied down to long-term leases and expensive fit-out projects is counterintuitive togrowth. Premium coworking spaces like JustCo cater perfectly to the dynamic needs of growing startups.

Startups can easily upgrade plans to occupy more hot desks, and should they see exponential growth in their workforce, switching to a private space or serviced office is no hassle at all.

Businesses not only gain access to the space they require but also a range of shared work areas throughout the coworking office. So, regardless of opting for the basic, unlimited or dedicated hot desking plans, or head straight for our private studios, the breakout spaces and shared kitchens are all available at no extra cost. Plus, there are pay-per-use meeting rooms perfect for cost-conscious businesses.

Primed for global expansion

JustCo’s coworking spaces are accompanied by premium business addresses so establishing a startup within our offices supports professional growth locally and globally. This reinforces their credibility, further aided with a suite of amenities, from high-speed internet connectivity through to on-site IT support necessary for any business to thrive in today’s era of increased virtuality. And with professional work environments that combine aesthetics and ergonomics, making a statement before foreign stakeholders and investors while telecommuting is sure to take them far.

Supporting this is seamless access to JustCo centres all over the world – establishing teams beyond borders and operating from virtual offices spearheads global expansion tremendously.

Driving synergies between coworking and the startup economy

With a cost-effective real estate solution that delivers more than just a workspace, coworking offices are conducive to Australia’s ever-growing startup economy. Providing startups with the means for collaboration and co-innovation while paying attention to smarter business scaling practices, ensures that they continue to explore greater horizons year on year.

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