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5 tips for working remotely

Stay in touch
Thanks to apps such as Zoom, teams are still able to stay connected despite not being able to meet face to face. Your business may want to have daily video meetings to debrief on the work to come, or just to stay connected from afar. If you are a freelancer, ensure that you are communicating with friends or fellow freelancers to keep the isolation at bay. Overcommunicating with colleagues or clients is a good thing, as you need to be able to let them know where you’re at in your workday when they can’t see you.

Manage your time
Creating a schedule or routine is key for a good remote working setup. You can use an app like Trello or Pomodoro to keep track of tasks and time. Setting times to do certain tasks, such as replying to emails, may be a good way to structure your working day. Where possible, maintain regular hours so that your work/life balance stays intact.

Reduce distractions
Set yourself rules for notifications and put your phone on Do Not Disturb. SelfControl is a great app that will lock you out of websites for as long as you want to set it – so you can make sure you’re not browsing Twitter or Facebook instead of working.

Have a dedicated workspace
It’s tempting to work from bed or the couch, but setting up your workspace and separating it from the rest of your life is a good way to set boundaries.

Take breaks
Remember to take the time during your day to go outside for a walk, have lunch, exercise, call a friend or just breathe. Just as you have your lunch breaks at work, you should have breaks regularly from your home office to ensure that you are maximising productivity but still taking care of yourself.