Coworking spaces for forward-looking Enterprises

We understand the speed at which change presents itself. A dynamic business landscape requires solutions that can keep pace with volatility – and coworking spaces are designed to help businesses adapt with a high level of flexibility and responsiveness to stay relevant. Whether you want to expand your operations with the ability to scale in the near future or switch to a hybrid work space for employee satisfaction, JustCo Australia will have the solutions you’re after. Our private offices in Melbourne and Sydney are conceptualised with the same philosophy, allowing for greater cost-effectiveness against a climate that demands adaptability.

When you rent our commercial spaces, you can leverage the benefits of our enterprise solutions. We take away the litigation and financial risks associated with traditional leases, so you can channel the resources you need into other aspects of your business.

Enterprise offices

Our enterprise office solutions include:

  • Dedicated offices and entrances with options to customise layout and branded elements
  • Access to important office amenities such as printers, pantry, mail handling, high-speed Internet and IT support
  • Access to wider coworking spaces, including collaborative corners for networking
  • Tech-ready meeting and management rooms, as well as private phone booths for productive work and collaboration
  • Fully-equipped pantry to energise employees and guests
  • Furnished Mother’s Room for the required privacy
  • Strategic hot desking with lockers for safe storage of office essentials and belongings
  • Secure office entry authentication for 24/7 security and privacy
  • End-of-Trip facilities, including lockers, showers and bicycle parking
  • Access to over 40 locations globally within a single membership, allowing for seamless regional expansion with local project teams delivering the same service standards

Best For:

  • 20+ to 200 pax
  • Matured start-ups
  • Satellite office

Bespoke solutions: customise your Enterprise office to your needs

Engage JustCo Australia’s dedicated Enterprise Team and in-house expert designers, space planners and project managers to customise the perfect office space for you. Share your requirements with us, and we’ll work the magic. Easily scale up and down based on your enterprise needs with our agile solutions without worrying about legal constraints or hidden penalty fees.

Specialised requirements for branding, spatial and operational needs may include:

  • Bespoke branding / signage
  • Modified private reception and holding area
  • Additional dedicated meeting room(s) and collaboration spaces
  • Additional dedicated managerial room(s)
  • Additional phone booths
  • Modified pantry areas
  • Recreational spaces
  • Server room

Contact us for a no-obligation consultation today.

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Where our Enterprise offices are located in Australia


Level 19, 15 William Street, Melbourne VIC, 3000

Level 7, 276 Flinders Street, Melbourne VIC, 3000

Level 5, 447 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC, 3000


135 King St Sydney - Best Coworking Office space for coworking in Sydney

Level 19, 135 King Street, Sydney NSW, 2000

Level 16, 175 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW, 2000

Level 21, 60 Margaret Street, Sydney NSW, 2000


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