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JustCo on CNBC Asia TV: Working From Home Full-Time Reduces Creativity and Productivity

| September 2020 |

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses around the world have implemented alternative work arrangements such as working from home and business continuity plans, to ensure the safety of workers. In an interview with CNBC Asia TV, Kong Wan Sing, Founder and CEO of JustCo said, “The pandemic has changed how people work. Companies have realised that 100% working from home is not practical, as it impacts productivity and collaboration amongst teams. Businesses today need hybrid workspace solutions, one that is flexible, cost-effective, safe, and can keep their employees well-bonded and engaged at the same time.” To view the full interview, click here.

How Coworking Could Survive COVID-19

As featured on: The Australian | November 2020 | Coworking got a bad rap during the pandemic but the sector is pushing back. Head of JustCo's Australian Operations, Sheree McIntyre provides valuable insight into why the future of coworking is [...]...

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Social Distancing is Driving Enterprises to Co-working

| July 2020 | As featured in The Australian Financial Review In an article with the Australian Financial Review, Head of JustCo’s Australian Operations, Sheree McIntyre discusses the launch of JustCo’s third Melbourne centre at 447 Collins Street and reinforces why [...]...

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