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Rent a Private Office at JustCo

We understand that every individual work differently and having the avenue to do so in private is important for many. Enjoy more structure and exclusivity when you rent a private office at any of our co-working spaces in Melbourne and Sydney, perfect for companies who need additional office space to house remote teams, or growing startups that only need a small private workspace.

Why is Having a Private Workspace Important?

Working from home or parking yourself at a café for just a few hours to complete some work may be fine, but when it comes to crunch time and you have to buckle down and meet your deadlines, you might find it easier to concentrate when you work in an enclosed office space. This is where our private office spaces come to play.

With a JustStudio membership plan, you get a fully furnished private and secure space at your desired location, where you and your team can plug and play immediately. To top it off, your team can also enjoy the top-notch amenities that are included in the membership plan at our JustCo centres, from mail handling services to fully stocked shared kitchens.

Benefits of Renting a Private Office Space at JustCo

One of the best reasons to rent from JustCo is the cost-effectiveness and flexibility. By complementing your flexible work arrangement with the rental of small private office space, you can reap the best of both worlds; the benefits of working from home as well as  working in an office with the comforts of a home environment

Do away with the hefty price tags of a long-term lease by opting to rent from us at a competitive rate.

Make Valuable Connections

Working in a private office does not mean that you will not be interacting with anyone. Well, at least not at JustCo. With access to common spaces, shared amenities and a kitchen, you will have many opportunities to rub shoulders with other industry professionals or like-minded individuals. Additionally, private office rentals  come with exclusive brand privileges and chances to attend organised community events which can expose your business to a larger crowd.

Take your business to greater heights with JustCo today.