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    When it comes to business, disruptions are almost always inevitable. The best thing you can do is to face them head-on and prepare for them when the time comes. In order to maintain business operations and minimise the effects of these disruptions, establishing an effective Business Continuity Plan (BCP) workspace solution is an absolute must. It serves as an emergency safety blanket to fall back on when disaster strikes – one that will allow your business to climb back on its feet.

    To create a reliable model, however, is not as easy as one might think. A successful BCP plan ensures that you have guaranteed access to a physical workspace during times of instability or disruption within 24-hour notice. To achieve this, key foundations need to be identified and employed before you can start exploring your options. If you’re not quite sure what these critical areas are, here are a few questions worth thinking about:

    • How effective is your company’s BCP in making sure that operations will remain seamless and smooth in the event of unexpected disruptions?
    • How quick can you implement your solutions?
    • Can your employees work efficiently with maximum productivity?
    • Is your company productive in the most cost-effective manner?

    JustCo Offices: The Ideal Business Continuity Management Solution

    Our JustCo offices are fitted with all the necessary amenities you need to ensure your productivity never stalls in the event of unexpected disruptions. We understand what businesses need to tide through changes and we deliver with optimal quality and service.

    We support your Business Continuity Management strategy, so you can rest assured that your employees will have a convenient space to perform their work efficiently and keep operations running despite the disruptions.

    We help complete your office-based Business Continuity Plan with: 

    1. Access to different-sized meeting rooms to conduct private conferences and meetings with employees or external stakeholders.
    2. High-speed internet for connectivity that is both hassle-free and reliable.
    3. Office supplies and equipment, such as business-grade printers and photocopiers, to ensure smooth operations.
    4. Reliable team of tech support to address IT-related concerns.
    5. A team of enterprise solution professionals that can advise you on ways to better navigate your current business situation.

    To better meet your business needs, we are also able to facilitate up or down-sizing according to your requirements at any given point in time.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A Business Continuity Plan has one purpose and one purpose only: to give your business a fighting chance during a disaster. It features a checklist of risk-mitigating procedures and countermeasures to take in the face of disruption, giving your business the best chance of surviving such an event. Such unexpected events include fires, pandemics, cybersecurity attacks, on-premise accidents and the like.

    As with all business plans, creating a Business Continuity Plan comes with a set of general requirements. If your business doesn’t already have one, start by conducting a risk assessment. Once you’re done assessing your business processes and identify the areas that are vulnerable to potential threats, develop a plan by following these 6 steps:

    1. Identify the scope and purpose
    2. Identify key areas that pose the most significant impact
    3. Identify and highlight critical functions and areas of weakness
    4. Identify dependencies between highlighted key areas and critical functions
    5. Decide on the acceptable downtime for each function
    6. Devise a system to support operations of each area

    Business Continuity Plan centres around a set of predetermined protocols that allows businesses to navigate and recover from a disaster. Business Continuity Management, on the other hand, is the maintenance and management of the aforementioned plan. It typically includes other disciplines of Crisis Management, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and the like.

    The preparation doesn’t simply stop once you’ve completed a Business Continuity Plan – in fact, this is just the first step. Since the variables of such disasters are constantly changing, you will need to ensure that your countermeasures evolve in tandem. To do this, follow-up procedures are essential to maintain the efficacy of the plan, especially in the long run.


    Be sure to have a checklist with all your necessary resources included. It should cover the supplies and equipment required for the operation, contact information of emergency responders, key personnel and backup site providers, and the like. Apart from compiling these resources together, you’ll want to make sure to also include table-top exercises, disaster simulation testings and structured walk-throughs to ensure that your Business Continuity Plan remains effective.


    After which, develop a system to regularly test these new processes, systems and technologies to assess their efficacy and impact. Be sure to jot down any changes, small or otherwise, so that the rest of the team members can familiarise themselves with the recent updates. Having a record will also make it easier to undo any changes if needed.

    A Business Continuity Plan requires two things to make it successful – flexibility and reliability. As coworking providers that pride ourselves on our quality services, rest assured that we can deliver just that – and more! With 5 coworking locations across Sydney and Melbourne, JustCo can provide you with Business Continuity Management workspace solutions that can meet your needs. From virtual offices and hot-desking to private studios and enterprise suites – we have a solution for all businesses!


    Each of our JustCo offices is fully furnished, which means they are operationally ready whenever you need a space to “plug & play”. With our comprehensive list of flexible workspace solutions, companies can rest assured that they can be flexible, agile and ready anytime, anywhere.

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