Mental Health: How Workspaces Affect Employees’ Well-Being

The nature of work has evolved considerably in recent years, with workers and businesses increasingly recognising the need for positive mental well-being. Although drive and productivity are required to reach the pinnacle of any industry, it doesn’t have to come at the cost of employee personal health.

Businesses that view their workers as human beings find that achieving their goals is more than possible, as their employees feel treated with respect and get the rest they need. The design of workspaces is significant in this equation, with the advantages of coworking spaces having a big impact on the future of work.

Importance Of Mental Health In The Workplace

Over the last couple of decades, businesses have learned to appreciate that physical health matters to their employees’ productivity. This means many now offer their workers free healthy lunch options, discounted gym memberships and other perks that enhance efficiency and focus.

However, in recent times, mental well-being has become a vital part of the conversation. Although the above measures help employees in numerous ways, other aspects like a supportive work environment, workplace get-togethers and confidential in-house counselling staff also improve business outcomes.

According to research from the World Economic Forum, every dollar spent on producing a positive workplace for mental health results in a four times increase in return on investment. So, not only is caring for your team’s mental health good for them, but it also helps your business gain an advantage in a competitive industry.

How to Create a Workspace That Promotes Employee Well-Being

Creating a healthy workplace means planning and executing a positive mental health strategy. Alongside exercise classes, support staff and more, you must carefully decide how to design your workspace.

With the ideal workplace leading to reduced absenteeism, increased employee engagement and group productivity, the environment where your employees’ work can make a big difference to their personal and professional success.

So, what do you need to consider?

1. Physical environment

Workplaces must be easy to operate from to foster positive mental health. That means they must be clean and comfortable, with break-out areas for your workers to get away from their computers from time to time. There should also be plenty of fresh air and natural light to keep your employees feeling connected with the outside world. For example, JustCo King Street  is located right between the sprawling greenery of Hyde Park and the waterfront of Tumbalong Bay. The biggest advantage of this coworking space is its incredible, calming views for any worker to rest and recharge.

2. Layout of your space

The layout of your office is also crucial. A cramped and overbearing space is bound to leave workers mentally and physically exhausted by day’s end. However, a thoughtfully designed coworking space is advantageous as employees can comfortably engage with team members and get a moment’s peace, resulting in a more positive mental well-being.

3. Furniture and equipment

Employees need the right equipment to work productively. Ergonomic furniture and adjustable workstations ensure they don’t experience common workplace injuries, while noise-cancelling headphones minimise distractions. Alongside thoughtful, pleasant touches like plants, social games and healthy snacks, employees find spending time in the office much easier, which in turn promotes better mental health.

Make Mental Health a Priority in the Workplace With JustCo Australia

JustCo Australia‘s modern coworking spaces, private offices and enterprise suites prioritise employee mental health. Featuring the advantages your team needs to thrive, workers getting down to business in our warmly decorated spaces will bask in natural light flooding in through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Meanwhile, our spaces are also equipped with outstanding end-of-line facilities so employees can exercise before, during and after work. Plus, our high-end hospitality amenities ensure they can grab a tasty bite to eat with their coworkers during their break.

Alongside comfortable and well-equipped meeting rooms and event spaces, JustCo Australia’s adaptable office spaces are perfect for businesses operating at every scale. Get in touch with our friendly team to discover more about our private offices and coworking spaces today.

The Business Landscape In Australia

The business landscape in Australia is highly competitive. With a strong economy and a well-educated workforce, companies in Australia have to be innovative and agile to succeed. In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of small businesses and startups as well as an increase in foreign investment, creating a dynamic and exciting business environment.

Australia offers incredible opportunities, with countless chances for established companies and budding entrepreneurs to build something special. Benefiting from a stable political climate, a high standard of living and a population of 25 million, numerous industries are looking to capitalise on this productive business landscape.

If your company wants to get involved, supporting your team with a wonderfully designed private office, enterprise suite or coworking space helps your organisation reach peak performance. Here, we delve into the trending industries carving out space in the Australian market and explore how JustCo Australia‘s solutions allow your business to thrive.

The Business Landscape: Trending Industries in Australia

The resources sector and construction industry have long dominated the Australian business landscape. However, several industries are now making waves and changing the business landscape across the country. Consider how a flexible workspace or serviced offices benefit organisations in these sectors.

1. Financial services

Although the financial services industry has been booming in Australia for some time, it’s expected to undergo an increasingly fast acceleration in the years ahead. With customers young and old making the most of digital banking and payments, traditional financial institutions are investing heavily in digital infrastructure to offer their customers a raft of convenient and easy-to-use services.

However, fintech start-ups are also becoming increasingly common in the space, constantly evolving the financial business landscape in Australia. With many of these organisations being agile by nature, shared office space provides numerous benefits that keep these start-ups moving forward. By making it simple to increase or decrease the scale of your business as required, meeting the demands of your operation becomes much simpler with a flexible workspace.

2. Tourism

The bustling Australian tourism industry is no secret, with stunning scenery and an alluring climate attracting millions of visitors from around the globe. Yet, following the troubling times caused by the pandemic, several new opportunities have emerged for businesses looking to build their reputations in the space.

Cultural tourism has experienced outstanding growth recently, with the country’s world-class arts and sporting sectors providing exciting possibilities for forward-thinking companies. Supported by an airy and inviting shared office space, you can foster seamless collaboration and stand out against the competition. There is definitely tremendous potential for tourism businesses to succeed in the Australian business landscape with the right strategy in place.

3. Healthcare

The healthcare sector is another trending industry ripe for growth in the years to come. With approximately 16% of Australia’s population aged 65 and older, this segment will increase the demand for high-quality healthcare services. With the pandemic causing unprecedented stress on the healthcare system, finding a better way to navigate such times is essential.

Virtual healthcare services like online consultations and digital diagnosis are also becoming increasingly common. The coworking spaces and flexible workspaces at JustCo Australia make it easy for healthcare companies to decentralise their operations and drive innovation. This way, you can work towards servicing the complex needs of patients in Australia and around the globe.

Drive Innovation With JustCo Australia’s Flexible Workspaces

The business landscape in Australia is highly diverse, with businesses ranging from small family-owned enterprises to large multinational corporations. JustCo Australia’s coworking spaces, private offices and enterprise suites help companies achieve their goals, no matter their industry. Whether you’re a budding tourism organisation or a digital-first medical service, having a flexible workspace that fosters productivity and performance is crucial to your success in this dynamic and competitive business landscape.

Our flexible workspaces are designed to meet the needs of modern companies and their workers. Featuring contemporary fit-outs, natural light, fresh air and plenty of space, getting your team to collaborate effectively is simple. Alongside high-tech meeting rooms, you can plan and execute your next project with ease.

In addition, JustCo Australia’s shared spaces and services offices feature excellent end-of-line facilities to enhance your workers’ physical and mental well-being. Meanwhile, hospitality features and event spaces ensure you develop a thriving organisation that competes with the best.

Get in touch with our friendly team now  to discover more about our flexible workspaces and serviced offices.