The psychological effect of the colour green

And 3 reasons why you need to have it at work

Think of the offices of many of the world’s most successful and innovative companies today and it’s likely that vertical gardens, lush landscaping, and green nooks also come to mind.  

It’s not just trendy design either – from giving the office a more ‘homely’ feel to acting as a natural air filter – plants are more staples than finishing touches of interior design now. In 2017, Apple famously bought out over 3,000 trees for its new Cupertino headquarters in the pursuit of a literal ‘greenest building on the planet’, according to CEO Tim Cook.  

At JustCo, we also believe in the power of green, which is why our open office spaces feature strong greenery to inspire our members. Here are five reasons why being surrounded by the colour green will improve your workday:  

  1. It increases productivity and creativity  

Colour psychology suggests that our moods and emotions are affected by the colours that surround us. For instance, white might invoke feelings of calm, and stillness.  

Green is associated with nature and life, and invokes feelings of tranquillity, energy, and calm. Many studies have shown that bringing plants into the workplace increases productivity by at least 15%, while helping to decrease stress and agitation throughout the day.  


The views from JustCo at Marina One (East and West Towers) offer an awe-inspiring blend of twisted metal and full, lush greenery  

Workers have also reported a better flow of creative and new ideas when surrounded by greenery. In one study by German researchers, people glanced at the colour green for two seconds before doing a creative task, and concluded that it boosted their creative output more than other colours did.  

  1. It attracts the right talent  

If you’re a company looking for creative and spirited talent to inject a breath of fresh air into the team, having a plant-filled office might help you find some. Green, open offices have come to be associated with fun, open-minded work culture, and this in turn will help attract the kind of people you are looking for.  


JustCo at 6 Raffles Quay features a lush green nook for members to enjoy

  1. It improves the well-being of your employees 

Science already dictates that plants can improve air quality at the office, a place where most people spend a large part of their day. Poor quality air often leads to health problems such as headaches, eye fatigue, throat irritation, and asthma. Plants are said to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and improve general mental health.  

This means an enhanced quality of work life for your employees, and less sick days for the organisation.  

JustCo has over 35 co-working spaces around Asia-Pacific’s major cities. Explore our network here to find a location that suits you.  

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A special partnership with Dropbox

Su Hock Koh, Dropbox Head of Local Business and Partners (Asia) believes in harnessing the power of networks for doing good as well as to create extraordinary possibilities for greater economic, social, environmental and human good. So it’s no surprise that he loves working in a coworking space and chose JustCo as home to Dropbox’s Asia headquarter. “Not only does JustCo offer beautifully designed spaces and attentive community teams at each location, it also engages its members with regular events and offers services which are both professional and personal.” Su Hock and his team are no strangers to the coworking concept as they had worked at another smaller coworking space before moving to JustCo. When their team outgrew the space and they needed a new location, they were impressed by JustCo’s personalized service and access to senior management: “Everybody made us feel welcome from day one. Not all coworking spaces have this service attitude and attention to detail so it was a pleasant surprise and a huge pleasure to work with the JustCo’s team – they are really the perfect embodiment of the JustCo brand story”. But Dropbox is not just a member, it is also a partner to JustCo. Dropbox provides cloud computing and collaborative tools to all JustCo employees and offers exclusive benefits to JustCo members. “From the beginning we realized that both us and JustCo are really in the business of connecting people and making their work faster, easier and more productive. JustCo does it through space, we do it through the power of the network”. Currently, Dropbox houses its Asian HQ at Marina One, where they lease a beautifully appointed office. “Besides our own private suite, we often use other common areas, from casual and semi-casual spaces to formal meeting rooms or phonebooths when we need more privacy. Having partnered with JustCo for so long, we have seen how JustCo is constantly evolving their product to cater to their members’ needs” says Su Hock. “What we appreciate the most is that they really listen to feedback and always endeavour to improve their members’ experience.” This partnership extends to events, which are a centrepiece of the JustCo experience. “We organize regular events at JustCo, where we invite panelists on a range of topics from new technologies to the future of work. JustCo has a variety of spaces that fit our needs.” Dropbox is just one of the examples of how JustCo builds and nurtures amazing communities at its coworking spaces. Join the JustCo community now!

SMUAA Start-Up Hub powered by JustCo

In September 2018, JustCo is delighted to announce a collaborative effort with Singapore Management University Alumni Association (SMUAA). Established since July 2005 and run by alumni volunteers for alumni, the SMUAA leads SMU alumni in creating social impact and harnessing the power of the alumni network. Overseeing all local and overseas SMU alumni groups and chapters, the SMUAA facilitates networking between alumni groups, nurtures and supports alumni leaders, and grows the alumni network. SMUAA comprises future leaders, adventurers, explorers and budding entrepreneurs, poised to take on leadership roles in their organisation and in society. They also possess the determination to embark on entrepreneurial endeavours. Singapore has grown to become a hub for aspiring entrepreneurs and a recent finding from Channel News Asia revealed that, start-up founders based in Singapore were the youngest in the world, with a median age of 28 and 32% saying they started their current business while they were still studying. Whilst all entrepreneurs face challenges when starting their own business, young entrepreneurs face fiercer complications. More often than not, these new start-ups are short of suitable office spaces, network connections, proper tools, equipment and resources; which are easily accessible in today’s co-working model. Hence, in support of these young entrepreneurs, JustCo unveils its latest exclusive collaboration with SMUAA, named the SMUAA Start-up Hub powered by JustCo. Located within JustCo’s newest and largest co-working space at Marina Square, the SMUAA Start-up Hub powered by JustCo will occupy a dedicated area of the centre. What’s more? SMUAA members will be automatically connected to JustCo’s large community of talented and like-minded businesses, where they can explore new business opportunities and leverage on a common pool of resources to drive success to their business. This start-up hub ultimately aims to encourage interaction, knowledge sharing and collaboration amongst entrepreneurs through regular social and professional events organised at JustCo! In addition, as many entrepreneurs are constantly seeking for workplace flexibility, members are not limited to work from Marina Square’s co-working space only. JustCo is also value adding members by offering complimentary hot-desking work stations across seven co-working centres in Singapore, which aims to increase productivity among members! Started since 2015, JustCo has always been connecting vibrant and dynamic communities in open, conducive and creative work spaces and we look forward to welcome SMUAA as part of our ever-growing community! This exposure can bring needed awareness and inspiration, so they can find purpose and meaning in their own work. It can also help them expand their network and meet new people. Moreover, coworking spaces encourage collaboration and learning among its members which helps business managers and employees alike learn the value of helping one another and working harmoniously to achieve desired goals. If you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or a manager who is looking for a virtual office in Singapore that would be most beneficial to your line of work, get in touch with JustCo today. JustCo offers premium coworking spaces and shared offices to suit your needs.

The hype is real: Bitcoin and the future of blockchain

JustCo had the pleasure of bringing together four insightful panelists to go beyond the hype of cryptocurrencies and dive deeper into the realm of blockchain technology.

Participants not only gained valuable insights from industry experts, they also got to mingle and network over free flow of beer and wine, sponsored by our good friends at PwC.

Our community sharing ideas over a drink… or two 😉 .

For many, the concept of blockchain itself is enough to leave us muddled and confused. Blockchain is, put simply, a digital ledger of transactions that can be programmed to store anything that has a value.

The products that have come from the technology of blockchain are specifically designed to solve existing economic issues, from remittance to intellectual property to even logistics.

“Right now in this world and age everyone is dependent on third party storage and third party logistics. Everyone wants to have more control, and they want to know where the product is and how it is being treated.” Says Sarah Nabaa, Country Manager of Vechain.

Blockchain technology removes the need for an intermediary because it is a decentralized database. Duplicating or cheating the data will affect the previous chain of records on the ledger. This results in a higher level of accuracy for companies seeking to improve their business process.

Introducing our lovely team of speakers (left to right):
John Patrick Mullin, Hayk Hakobyan, Leyu Ong, Sarah Nabaa and Hong Qi Yu.

However, the use of a public database might not be necessary for non-retail services, where it is purely B2B. Hayk Hakobyan, a partner at Vision Capital, explains: “For chemical logistic companies, you need some type of privacy. Let’s say you are going to a doctor, you tell him you are sick. Do you need people to vote whether you are ill or not?” With this, the audience chuckles. “No, of course not, so I’m not for the inclusiveness if it is not needed.”

The evening concluded with a variety of questions raised from our audiences. We are grateful to be able to bring like-minded individuals together to share thoughts and ideas! A big “thank you” to all of you who made it, you guys rock <3

Interested in more events just like this? Follow our Facebook page here to RSVP for future events and parties.

Written by
Victoria Wong

Grab x JustCo: sharing big dreams and beautiful spaces

Celebrate your wins, no matter how big or small it may seem.

Here at JustCo, we live by this and work hard to bring our visions to life. Last Friday we shared our space with the #GrabFam to do just that.

With Grab dominating the ride-hailing market and rolling out irresistible rewards for their users, it was truly a match made in South-East Asian heaven.

During the event, we were introduced to a concept called Moonshot Thinking, which simply means ‘an ambitious project undertaken without any expectations of near-term profitability and without a full investigation of potential risks and benefits’. With incredible moonshots in the works today from huge companies such as Tesla and Google, the Grab team found themselves inspired to do better. With social moonshots, it was a tighter focus and eventually played a key role in their success today, keeping the team on their feet day in, day out.

“What are the problems we need to solve, which have a huge community impact?” Mr Dileep Kannan, Regional Manager, Grab for Business asks the audience. After a pause, he smiles and says:


It was about improving the lives of their drivers and their customers.

In Malaysia, where safety is a growing concern, Grab came up with the solution of installing an emergency button on the app should the rider feel unsafe. This alerts the respective authorities, in this case, the Malaysia Emergency Response Service (MERS 999).

We feel fortunate to live in an era where technology is at our fingertips, and priorities focus on improving the safety of the consumers. We no longer shoot for the stars; we aim for the moon.

As our very own Head of Sales, Brandon Chia, sprang forth to share JustCo’s expansion plans in various cities to increase accessibility, we clinked glasses to our larger-than-life dreams and felt nothing but gratitude in our hearts.

The evening closed on a high note with amazing goodie bags given to our guests as they departed, and the icing on the cake was a $10 promo code to help them reach home safe and sound!

Thank Grab it’s Friday!

Written by Victoria Wong
Community Executive

Verizon Innovation Community launch

What a time to be alive! ?

We are so proud to announce the opening of the Verizon Innovation Community managed by JustCo! As Singapore’s largest co-working space provider and masters of our craft, nothing makes us happier than the opportunity to manage a vibrant community for dynamic companies to succeed.

A huge “thank you” to over 150 of our guests who came down to witness the official launch – it was humbling and an honour to have them all share such a momentous occasion with us. The event saw bottles of champagne flowing liberally, lively banter, and business cards being exchanged.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a big brand or a small brand, or even a start-up in technology. Crazy ideas just happen when people come together and collaborate and I think JustCo and Verizon together epitomizes that spirit perfectly,” remarks Su Hock, Head of Channels at Dropbox.

When asked if this would impact competing companies sharing one space, Verizon’s Head of Services, Ngee Khoon, puts it aptly: “In this digitally connected world, there are no longer boundaries. Your competitors are your collaborators and your customers are your vendors. It is time to change this mindset.”

So here’s a toast to a changing future; where possibilities are infinite.

To more collaborations…and communities just like this. Let’s make work better together!

P.S. Interested to join the Verizon Innovation Community? If your company belongs to any five of these technology pillars…

  • Cyber Security
  • FinTech/Block Chain
  • Digital Media
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Robotic Process Automation / Artificial Intelligence

…membership tiers are available to fit your needs. As members, you’ll be able to access Verizon’s technologies and a global network of resources, plus discounts on their products and services. Simply drop us an email here for pricing information on all the membership tiers.

Written by Victoria Wong
Community Executive

Game changers: event summary

We were thrilled to host the recent ‘Game Changers’ dialogue last Thursday evening at our Marina One Centre. Here at JustCo, we aim to bring together a community of like-minded thinkers who can benefit from the insight of industry experts, and this time we set out to answer the question: How can businesses use technology to effectively reach out to their consumers?

Seated on a plush sofa, we welcomed Malcolm Koh from Zendesk, Michael Langner from Twilio and Shannon Dix from Accenture Interactive. These three companies, with their distinct functions and entities, are all out to achieve a common goal: To change the game in consumer engagement.

Here are some learning points we found especially useful:

  • 38% of customers would switch to a competitor if they were unhappy with their communication experience with a company. Customers want seamless communication. They want companies to communicate with them using the channels that they prefer, not the other way round.
  • While this does sound a lot easier said than done, Michael mentions Twilio having to move from various platforms such as voice call, SMS, video and finally social media channels to interact with their customers. It definitely involves a lot of trial and error.
  • In terms of building a company of like-minded employees, it’s all about setting up a good culture from the start. When hiring people, make sure they fit into the company’s culture. Do not be afraid to reach out and organize events to look for talent.
  • In terms of keeping your talent, always give your employees the right benefits, tools and support that they need to scale up. This ensures that they will not want to leave when offered another opportunity.

The upshot? “It’s not just about people and the tech. It’s how we put these two together…and make them work.”

If you found this insightful, check out our Facebook page here for more events just like this. If you’re swinging by with your colleagues, do remember to RSVP ahead!

P.S. A huge thanks to Zendesk for keeping our attendees hydrated – with free beer! You guys are awesome <3 Written by Victoria Wong
Community Executive

Grow your business in the age of the customer

With Singapore’s booming economy, everyone is fighting for a spot to launch ideas and products into the market today. But how can one sustain and survive as an SME?

Salesforce’s very own David Han- who has 5 years of experience helping small businesses grow, shared tips how to find, win and keep customers happy!

Some of the topics covered during David’s enriching workshop was Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Nurturing & Funding Business and the 7 Guiding Principle.

Salesforce have been awarded as the #1 Best place to work since 2014. The votes they received for this award is a definite testament that their incredible team value customer success, innovation and family knit community.

There can’t be a better organization to seek advice and entrust your business plan to.

Thank you Salesforce for choosing JustCo coworking space as your platform to start us up!

Humans of JustCo: Caesar Chen

Much has been achieved since our last Humans of JustCo project. Now that we have unlocked another milestone of opening 2 brand new centres at the prestigious UIC Building and Marina One. We are excited to announce our further expansion into Southeast Asia!

For Season 2 of this series, we are featuring JustCo’s Lead Software Engineer, Caesar Chen. Let us all get to know him better, find out what his idea of fun is and his dream of travelling around the world!

We welcome any feedback you have on this new section. Drop us a message, let us hear you! 

1. What do you do in your spare time?
Being together with kids; working out in the gym.

2. If you could have 3 famous people working at JustCo, who would you want them to be?
Leonardo Di Caprio, Barrack Obama, Malalai Yousafzai

3. Do you have any specific goals for the rest of this year?
Be the best I can be at work

4.You step outside the office after work and find a lottery ticket that ends up winning $10 million. What would you do?
Go travel around the world.

5. If you could be a celebrity, who would it be and why? 
Michael Jordan. Basketball has always been my favourite sport and I think Michael Jordan is an epitome of a great sportsman and personality. His efforts on using his fame to do good has inspired me greatly.

6. What did you want to be when you were young boy? Example: a pilot, president….
I would like to be a scientist.

7. How do you relax after a hard day’s work?
Working out in the gym.

8. Share a life hack everyone should know when working at a coworking space.
The idea on an open space gives you an opportunity to interact freely, and so we should!

9.What is the best thing that happened to you this week?
Helping my colleague resolve an issue by providing the needed data.

10. Share a picture of your workstation and describe it.
Everything else is on the cloud.

Singtel’s road to workplace of the future

Gone were the days when the workplace was merely a physical space where employees bury their faces in laptops, typing frantically away from nine to five.

In this modern age with internet technology and a highly mobile workforce, employees are no longer tied together by time, space or societal norms. For instance, technological advancements for mobile phones have empowered the workforce to complete tasks on-the-go further than we would have imagined a decade ago. This trend is no surprise as millennials account for increasingly high smartphone ownership and internet usage.

By incorporating mobile technologies, communication barriers are broken down and employees can operate in different time zones and locations. Companies are able to transform the employee experience by cultivating the innovative spirit, increasing productivity and focusing on employees’ career and personal growth.

In addition, embracing change by allowing flexible arrangements will not only lead to increased productivity and business growth, but also save resources and cut costs. Perhaps, this also explains why choosing hot desking spaces has become an attractive alternative to using fixed workstations.

Singtel experts were invited to our stylish coworking space at 120 Robinson Road, to share mobility solutions that every business should consider.

Ms Sarah Lee (Segment Head, SMEs, Group Enterprise, Singtel) had the honour of opening the session while Ms Nyx Ching (Team Lead – Startups and Small Businesses, Business Group, Group Enterprise, Singtel) imparted her knowledge about ‘Workplace of the Future’.

Embracing change will not only lead to increased productivity, it will also promote business growth.

Mr Othniel Liew (Associate Director – SaaS Business, Group Enterprise, Singtel) further elaborated about the benefits of digitalising our mobile workforce before ending the event with a Q&A session.

Thank you Singtel for inspiring companies and startups on embracing this technology change, making our future workplace a better place.