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Amid the COVID-19 era, JustCo sees an increase in companies adopting flexible working arrangements

30 Dec 2020

In line with March’s International Woman’s Day, JustCo’s co-founder and COO, LIU Lu, provided her perspectives on ways to eliminate gender bias and inequality in today’s society, during an interview with News1 Korea. Lu also discussed about how the pandemic has impacted and changed women’s lives in the foreseeable future. To read the full article, kindly click here.

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JustCo launches Digital Future of Work Platform with ground-breaking innovations Switch and SixSense

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  1. Hankyung
  2. Sedaily

JustCo, Asia-Pacific’s leading co-working company, today launched its Digital Future of Work Platform at an event officiated by Singapore’s Minister for Trade and Industry Mr. Chan Chun Sing. JustCo’s new platform uses digital technology to enable users to decide where and how to work, depending on each individual’s unique needs. Diverse workspace options such as hub-and-spoke offices, flexible workspaces and remote work booths can now be combined with the home office and other workspace solutions to enable solo work or team collaboration to happen seamlessly.

The two key innovations powering JustCo’s digital platform are:

Switch – The world’s first workspace on-demand app. Switch connects users and providers of workspace flexibly and dynamically. Users pay by the minute for the space that they use, with introductory pricing starting at just S$3.60 (3,000 KRW) per hour. Switch customers can choose between accessing JustCo centres, non-JustCo shared office locations, or proprietary Switch booths, based on their needs. 60 Switch booths have already been deployed at JustCo’s centres and at nine1 Frasers Property malls, with both CBD and fringe locations covered in Singapore. Customer adoption rates have been overwhelming, particularly in suburban locations where users want an alternative to working from home. Plans are underway to introduce more Switch booths in Singapore and across the region in cities that JustCo has presence in.


SixSense – An AI-powered tool that connects with sensors to analyze how space is being used. The use cases for SixSense include workspace design, space-use optimisation analysis andimportantly, crowdedness monitoring for safe distancing purposes. SixSense has been put into service at 10 JustCo centres across Singapore with the following immediate benefits:  



  • JustCo centres’ users now have real-time information on centre density and crowdedness at their offices. By combining this information with JustCo’s flexible office options (including Switch), users can avoid crowded locations and pick work spaces that best suit their needs. 
  • JustCo operations teams are now assisted by SixSense in their monitoring of safe-distancing compliance and other centre operations matters. 
  • JustCo’s design team can now use information collected through SixSense to continuously improve office design and construction. 

Taken together, Switch and SixSense, plus other digital tools to be added to JustCo’s digital platform, will transform how companies and workers access office space. By giving users the ultimate flexibility to choose where and how to work, office space can now be consumed as an on-demand service.  

Kong Wan Sing, Founder and CEO of JustCo, added: When the pandemic struck, many of us were forced into the unknown and untried world of working from home. It worked well for some, but terribly for others. We quickly realized that what workers needed was the power and digital tools to decide where and how to work. JustCo’s Digital Future of Work Platform is our answer to that problemFixed and rigid offices have run their course. The future belongs to flexible and on-demand workspaces.” 

The launch event was held at JustCo’s newest co-working location at Singapore’s The Centrepoint shopping mallJustCo Centrepoint houses the company’s global headquarters and is also the firm’s first Smart Centre.” Technology features in this centre include:  

  • Facial recognition at all main entrances, with an advanced “mask setting” that permits entry  only for masked users  
  • Mobile app enabled card-free access to all private suites and meeting rooms 
  • fully-automated robotic café and bar operated by JustCo F&B partner RATIO. When paired with the RATIO appusers can order beverages remotely and have them ready upon arrival at the office


These technological innovations are being pioneered in Singapore before being introduced to other markets across the region. 

JustCo Centrepoint in Singapore commenced operations in October 2020. New customers who have joined JustCo Centrepoint’s community include companies like Tencent-backed Riot Games as well as SMEs. The opening of JustCo Centrepoint follows the company’s July 2020 opening of JustCo OCBC Centre East and its recent announcement of an upcoming centre at Razer’s Southeast Asia headquarters in Singapore’s One-North. More new JustCo centres are expected in 2021. 

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What Keeps Singapore-based Unicorn JustCo Thriving While the Whole World Works-from-home

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1. S and P Global

01 Nov 2020

In a new economy uprooted by COVID-19, businesses around the world have been frantically learning to adapt to the new normal, and it is easy to assume that smaller companies like a start-up would shrivel along with the economy that has been hammered by the pandemic. On the contrary, Singapore-based start-up unicorn, JustCo – the leading flexible workspace company in Asia Pacific – has responded innovatively to clients’ new business needs, and found opportunities to forge ahead in this crisis.

Respond to Customer Needs: (1) Introduce Core & Flex Work Solutions

At the peak of COVID-19, JustCo was nailing down real estate deals with multinational corporates such as cosmetic giant L’Oreal, Australia’s sovereign wealth fund Future Fund, Tencent-backed Riot Games and Thailand-based Super App Kasikorn Line, just to name a few. As businesses start to rethink their real estate strategy in the new normal, mostly the need for a suitable decentralised workforce plan, JustCo knew exactly how to help these businesses; a holistic work solution with maximum flexibility and minimum commitment. 

With an innovative streak, JustCo’s Core & Flex Work Solution was quickly put together, offering businesses space-as-a-service for cost effectivenesswith immediate opt-in to an expansive community for networking effect. Now, businesses can enjoy a hybrid of fixed and flexible workspaces – from standard private office suites, large bespoke office space, hot-desks, communal meeting rooms to on-demand pay-per-minute workspace – allowing them to easily right-size their real estate as and when required. Through these space choices and flexibilities,  employees are also directly empowered to decide where and how they want to work

Respond to Customer Needs: (2) Partner with World’s First On-demand Workspace Platform

In response to members’ increased demand in short-term flexible workspace and the choice to work from anywhereJustCo partners with Switch, the world’s first on-demand workspace usage platform that charges by the minute. Switch is owned and operated by REinvent – Asia’s first PropTech Innovation Studio, and is backed by JustCo. 

Available island-wide in Singapore, users can easily access a conducive space to carry out their work as and when they need. Switch is currently available at 12 JustCo centres in the CBD, and at nine shopping malls including suburban districts, allowing users to work closer to homes. Switch workspace within shopping malls will come in the form of a pod, with sound-insulated walls. Each pod comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker, secured 4G WiFi, ventilation fan and privacy film. The Switch app will allow users to search, check in and out, and be billed digitally. 

Switch work pods will be rolled out to more locations in Singapore in the upcoming months, with plans to implement in other markets that JustCo has presence inincluding Australia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand over the next two years,

Respond to Customers’ Needs: (3) Implement AI-driven Spatial Analytics to Detect Social Distancing 

JustCo at The Centrepoint is JustCo’s first smart co-working centre, and will pilot spatial analysis using SixSensean artificial intelligence-driven technology to deploy effective space usage management. SixSense is launched by REinvent – Asia’s first PropTech Innovation Studio, and is backed by JustCo.

With SixSense, JustCo will be able to retrieve realtime occupancy data numbers, monitor usage frequency of its spaces and receive overcrowding alerts to ensure social distancing measures are adhered to in a post-COVID world.

JustCo at The Centrepoint will also feature other workspace technologies such as facial recognition, card-free access via Bluetooth capability and an in-house café that uses a coffee-making robotic arm.

Practise Financial Prudence

“The unprecedented COVID-19 crisis has made JustCo more sure than ever about our uncompromising take on financial prudence, where we always focus on expansions that will meet certain profitability hurdles. Alongside strong support from our strategic partners, we have also been able to accelerate our innovation in this challenging time, reshaping the way people work in the future,” said Kong Wan Sing, Founder and CEO, JustCo. “While remote working is here to stay, its limitations are clear. Employees’ productivity is growing sideways, causing stress levels to increase and collaborations to suffer. The mix of community, connectivity, culture, and spontaneity you get in the workplace is irreplaceable. Part of driving businesses’ success today is a customised core-and-flex total work solution, be it for headquarters office, satellite teams, business continuity plans or on-demand spaces for short-term work”, he emphasized.

With strong support from key partners such as GIC, Frasers Property and Daito Trust, JustCo will continue to practise financial prudence, remain agile, and keep innovation at the forefront of the businessOne key factor that helped JustCo successfully tide through and thrive in this global crisis, is the ability to adapt quickly to the volatile economic environment and customers’ evolving demands. 

Following JustCo’s recent new spaces at OCBC Centre East and The Centrepoint, the leading coworking space company is optimistic about the future of flexible workspaces, and will continue to offer total work solutions enabled by technologies to drive the future of work, making work better for both businesses and individuals. 

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JustCo Identifies One-North for its Newest Centre, Strategically Located in the Heart of Singapore’s Science Hub

As Featured on:

    1. The Business Times
01 Oct 2020

JustCo, the leading coworking company in Asia Pacific has chosen Singapore’s technological innovation hub, One-North, for its next shared workspace. Target to open in Q2 2021, JustCo’s newest location sits strategically next to One-North’s key district precincts such as Fusionpolis, Biopolis, Mediapolis, Ayer Rajah and JTC Launchpad – which are home to a vast number of global-leading companies and innovative startups in the biomedical sciences, infocomm technology, media and engineering industries.

Housed within Razer’s Southeast Asia Headquarters building, JustCo’s new coworking centre will mean an opportunity for gaming hardware and consumer electronics companies to be located strategically near to Razer, the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers. Companies of similar synergy can then cross-pollinate ideas, share knowledge and drive greater technology innovation with one another. This new collaborative milestone will strongly position JustCo and Razer at the forefront of innovation in their respective workspace and gaming industries.

Building on the aligned vision between JustCo and Razer to help its community succeed, the partnership and mutual support began from initiatives such as Singapore’s first fully automated face mask manufacturing line and most recently JustCo’s regional PUBG Mobile Championship. JustCo at One-North will continue to add value to Razer’s member network, by offering holistic total work solutions, networking opportunities, connections to JustCo’s ever-growing community of 25,000 members, and more, bringing the partnership to the next level.

Part of One-North’s attraction is the unlimited opportunities it presents for flexible workspaces like JustCo to support and catalyse the growth of Singapore’s technology and science related industries. Be it existing companies in One-North looking to expand and require a space for community engagement, or companies looking to venture into this tech innovation hub, JustCo offers a breeding ground for small and large companies to gain access to top talents, researchers, cutting-edge technologies, as well as JustCo’s ever-growing community network across nine cities in Asia Pacific.

As businesses transit and adapt into the new normal post COVID-19, JustCo is well-positioned to meet their needs. The One-North location is ideal for companies looking for alternative workspace solutions in a suburban district to implement remote working practice or to decentralise their workforce. JustCo will offer existing and future companies at One-North a diverse community and networking opportunities to co-innovate and co-create.

“In line with our mission to build smart, tech-enabled future of offices, JustCo at One-North will further expand our focus on tech innovations, driving more value and success to our community. Whether in good times during pre-COVID or challenging times in today’s new normal, what key growth industries need to succeed is a hotbed of innovation and the ability to connect and share knowledge with businesses of similar synergy. Today, the main adopters of co-working spaces do not appeal to only entrepreneurs and start-ups. JustCo is excited to be able to serve the One-North community, particularly from Razer’s new Headquarters, which will reinforce the neighbourhood’s vibes as an ideal office choice,” says Brandon Chia, Vice President & Head of Singapore and Indonesia, JustCo.

“We are excited to welcome JustCo as a close neighbour in our new Headquarters building at One-North. At Razer, we take pride in engaging our diverse gaming community. Being a leader in the gaming industry, innovation is a must, and we are happy to be doing this with our fellow industry disrupter, JustCo,” says Patricia Liu, Chief of Staff at Razer.

JustCo at One-North is in response to the continued demand for flexible workspaces, following JustCo’s new spaces at OCBC Centre East and The Centrepoint, which have welcomed cosmetic giant L’Oreal and Tencent-backed Riot Games as its newest members. JustCo at One-North space will strongly position itself at the heart of innovations, which is a build-on to its smart co-working space at The Centrepoint. With on-demand space usage, workspace technologies, and networking opportunities across nine cities in Asia Pacific, JustCo at One-North will continue to make work better for both businesses and individuals.

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How COVID-19 Proves to be A Business Opportunity for JustCo with 2 New Co-Working Spaces in Singapore

In light of the COVID-19 situation, businesses have been forced to adapt quickly and implement remote working or working from home. As companies face economy uncertainties and workers adopt a new way of working, challenges and severe limitations for many businesses arise. Today, businesses recognize the importance of a flexible, reliable and sustainable workspace solution to counter cost pressures ahead, and to retain teams’ productivity and engagement. In an interview with Vulcan Post, Co-founder and CCO of JustCo, KONG Wan Long said, “Many corporates have started to realise that large headquarters which house all staff may not be the best way to go. The co-working model will continue to remain as a viable option, and we foresee more businesses housing employees in flexible workspaces — be it for remote working, business continuity purposes or even workforce decentralisation.” To read the full interview, kindly click here.

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JustCo on CNBC Asia TV: Our New Future

01 Sep 2020

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses around the world have implemented alternative work arrangements such as working from home and business continuity plans, to ensure the safety of workers. In an interview with CNBC Asia TV, Kong Wan Sing, Founder and CEO of JustCo said, “The pandemic has changed how people work. Companies have realised that 100% working from home is not practical, as it impacts productivity and collaboration amongst teams. Businesses today need hybrid workspace solutions, one that is flexible, cost-effective, safe, and can keep their employees well-bonded and engaged at the same time.” To view the full interview, kindly click here.

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Introducing JustCo members of K-Startups

Within a short span of less than two years, JustCo has established itself as one of the leading co-working companies in Seoul – offering flexible and cost-efficient workspace solutions to about 1,000 companies. At JustCo, businesses of all shapes and sizes, be it a start-up, SME, or Fortune 500 company, will automatically form part of its ever-growing community, with options to network, collaborate and seek business opportunities with one another. In an interview with Hankyung Job and Joy, Kris Nahm, General Manager of South Korea said, “Our members, who are CEO of their respective companies are also my valuable colleagues, they are the ones who constantly keep me motivated.” To read the interview articles, kindly click here and here.

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JustCo introduces JustCo Campus, enabling members and public to learn, consult, and connect from anywhere

As featured on:

01 Jul 2020

SINGAPORE – JustCo – the leading co-working company in Asia Pacific introduces JustCo Campus, a school that aims to nurture modern leaders and facilitate business networking. In partnership with NewCampus, JustCo Campus is born out of an idea to make learning and networking readily available, especially in today’s reality of remote working.

Starting June 2020, JustCo Campus will offer a wide range of learning formats to equip members and guests with critical business skills; from one-on-one business consultations, large group workshops, to intimate dialogues at curated panel discussions. To complement the learning aspect, members will also gain exclusive access to networking opportunities such as Power Breakfast and Power Lunch with industry thought leaders, C-suite decision makers, and future collaborators, where exchange of insights and ideas begin. Many members already signed up, citing the tangible benefits of building relationships in a wider network as a compelling reason to join, especially under today’s business condition and the dire need of business development.

The networking effect of JustCo Campus extends across the eight major cities in Asia Pacific where JustCo has presence in, including Bangkok, Jakarta, Melbourne, Singapore, Seoul, Shanghai, Sydney and Taipei. In a hyper interconnected learning club like JustCo Campus, members and guests can expect to connect 1-on-1 cross-borders with other members who they see synergy with. Members-only gatherings will also be organised to allow networking in social settings, such as film screenings, learning festivals and virtual community hangouts.

Pertinent topics have been thoughtfully chosen to kickstart the JustCo Campus programme in this unprecedented time, such as building a growth mindset, leadership in times of crisis, financial wellness, and mental health.

JustCo Campus membership is available to public at S$59 per person per month. In the spirit of inclusive learning, corporates that sign up as a company can enjoy preferential rates per staff. Each membership includes up to two virtual masterclasses per month, and unlimited virtual conferences to network, and group mentoring sessions to learn and connect with peers. In addition, JustCo members who sign up will be entitled to exclusive content and complimentary passes to events not available to other JustCo Campus members.

“JustCo Campus will offer a new integrated learning experience, creating opportunities for organisations to accelerate their business, and for individuals to pursue knowledge in their professional and personal capacities,“ said Kong Wan Sing, Founder and CEO of JustCo. “JustCo has always been about its members, and we are excited to partner NewCampus who will bring their wealth of knowledge to modern day curriculum, and allow us to continuously evolve our offerings to meet the needs of our community and beyond. It is especially fitting in a time like this to keep our community connected virtually, and to ensure that learning continues in the digital space.”

“NewCampus has considered JustCo a valuable member since 2019. We have run multiple events together in the past, such as the FastFwdFestival. JustCo Campus allows us to extend our programmes beyond a physical space and to provide participants with all-access, instant cross-border connectivity,” said Will Fan, CEO and Co-founder of NewCampus.

For more information, please visit

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The impact of COVID-19 on the flexible workspace industry

In an interview with Forbes Korea, Kris shared about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the flexible workspace industry, and what are JustCo’s strategies in overcoming this situation. To read the full article, kindly click here.

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Design and Tell: How JustCo as a New-age Business Integrates Phygital Strategies into Its Co-working Spaces

01 Apr 2020

Full podcast on Design and Tell can be heard here.

Phygital business will define the ‘new normal’. Among these, coworking space providers such as JustCo have gone mainstream and are sprouting all over Asian cities. In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Faith Soh, Head of Innovation & Partnerships at Justco, and Sylvia Bay, Design Director at Justco, on how they conceptualize and implement their flagship products and services such as JustCo Lab, Future of Work and the JustCo App, and on all the work that goes in constructing these hotspots of productivity and new-age business.