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Community Stories

JustCo Member’s Show & Tell by CreativesAtWork @ 6 Raffles Quay

So what’s a freelancer? There are plenty of definitions for it from “contract worker” to “self-employed”.

But the real differences are seen when you checked under the hood – Mindset, Lifestyle and Skills differentiate a freelancer from a regular employee. – As quoted by Ryan Ong, Freelance Author at CreativesAtWork.

This year on the 2nd February, we connected with the people from CreativesAtWork for their first session with our community members at 6 Raffles Quay, especially those who are individuals, start-up companies and SMEs.

Ms Jayce Tham, the speaker, who is also the creator (CEO) of CreativesAtwork, spoke on the various aspects of freelancing and passionately share her (and her team’s) aim and priority to build bridges across freelancers and project owners.

Also covered was, plenty of useful tips and guidelines such as having the right mind-set, owning a basic set of business skills, managing smart finances, time management, building solid online reputation and many more vital elements to succeed as a self-employed individual.

It was indeed an eye-opener and insightful 1 hour session for those who attended and they also got to bring home a quirky complimentary guideline booklet from CreativesAtWork.

Thank you CreativesAtWork for choosing JustCo!

Chinese New Year Celebration Gathering

Pretty Chinese New Year decorations peppered JustCo’s premises. Even though it was a few days after the first day of Chinese New Year itself, the festive mood was still felt and seen. Community members were seen decked in their festive […]...

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SheSays Workshop – The Women of the Tech Revolution

Naturally when one thinks of tech, one would think that it is a male – dominated industry. The revolution of tech has seen a drastic hike in the number of women in the workforce especially in the recent years. To […]...

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