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Community Stories

TCS x JustCo’s Change Talks – Relationship Changes: Matters Of The Heart

Let’s be honest. Embracing change is hard. It simply means getting out of our comfort zone. Good news is that accepting changes is not really a difficult skill to cultivate.

Changes are definitely inevitable.

By altering our way of life, the way we think or do may present us with abundance of opportunities. Sometimes, even providing us with more choices than we can ever dreamed possible.

We kick started February with something different than our usual events for a change. No pun intended.

Their name, The Change School speaks volume on what they do.

They assists us align values and life choices at every stage of life via talks and programs.

Relationship Changes: Matters of Heart was the first session of Change Talks.

Changes might deem good especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

When we become “too comfortable” in our own situation, it can be much more difficult to understand what others might be going through. Change reminds us to be thoughtful and mindful when we are considering the choices other people may make.

Panel speakers were made up of charismatic individuals such as Violet Lim (Founder & CEO of LunchClick), Irena Constantin (Occupational & Educational Psychologist), David Tiang (Owner & Director of Aura Transformation), Cindy Leong (Founder of Relationship Studio).

There is always time for some wine and dine especially when one is on the topic of passion. Healthy, wholesome food was served by The Whole Kitchen. But of course, a meal is not complete with some craft beers and wines from TSA ( Taste So Awesome )

Contented was definitely written on the attendees’ faces as they listened to the speakers. All of them had a chance to be involved in the session as they wrote on a piece of card on what kind of changes they would like to implement for themselves.

The takeaway for that night was learning the various ways on how they can build and nurture their relationships effectively. Eventually, everything starts from the inside. Everything starts from our own self.

Thank you The Change School for this enlightening session. We look forward to more Change Talks ‘ session in the coming months.

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