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Enterprise Solutions

{:zh}定制化服务,满足您的一切需求{:}{:en}Customised Services to Suit All Your Requirements{:}

With our dedicated Enterprise Team and inhouse team of expert designers, space planners and project managers, JustCo offers customised office space solutions to meet every need.

Enterprise Suite

A private office with a dedicated entrance for your team and your visitors with incorporation of your branding including corporate colours and signage.

Unique Features:

  • Branding / signage options
  • Private entrance
  • Holding area
  • Dedicated Meeting / Managerial Room(s)/ Phone booth(s)
  • Printer / Utility area

Best For :

  • 20+ pax
  • Matured start-ups
  • Satellite office

Bespoke Solutions

An exclusive space / floor with a dedicated entrance to your office for your employees and visitors that is highly customized to suit your specialized spatial requirements and branding elements.

Unique Features:

  • Bespoke Branding / signage
  • Private entrance
  • Private reception and holding area
  • Dedicated Meeting / Managerial Room(s)/ Phone booth(s)
  • Printer / Utility area
  • Pantry
  • Server room

Best For :

  • 50 – 300 pax
  • Regional global headquarters with various business units

Regional Network & Support

With JustCo’s regional footprint, we can support your business demands and expansion plans by providing you enterprise solutions across cities.

The same dedicated Enterprise Team coupled with each local project team can set up your overseas office with the same service standards, quality and experience, making settling into a foreign location much simpler and faster.

Your staff also has the flexibility of working at any of our regional locations whenever they travel for business.

Why Co-Working for Enterprise


Commit to flexible lease terms and office solutions that work for you
Upsize and right-size your space as your business needs evolve


Tap on our economies of scale for office setup procurement
Save cost by renting only the spaces you need and tap onto our communal facilities


Work with our design team for your physical and branding requirements
Enjoy a bespoke, flexible and tech-enabled workspace


Participate in curated and wide variety of events
Build your business partnerships and network with a community that spans key cities in various countries

Enterprise Solution Case Studies

Case Study 1: Multinational Conglomerate

A Fortune 500 multinational conglomerate in the global digital industrial trade and ranked 13th largest firm in the U.S.


  • Inflexibility of conventional office space which resulted in accumulated pockets of space across various locations as the team expanded
  • Under-utilized work stations due to frequent travelling
  • Dated and worn out offices due to wear and tear over the years


  • Consolidation of teams across different locations to a customized and dedicated floor in one of JustCo’s locations

  • Space Optimization and access to more than 1000 sqm of communal space to ensure efficient spatial usage and cost savings

  • No upfront CAPEX investment

Case Study 2: Global Interior Design Firm

A global firm providing interior architectural design, architecture, art consultancy, concept development, branding and food & beverage design.


  • Require a location that is better suited to their new age brand image

  • Inflexibility of conventional office space in managing staff headcount during project seasons

  • Hassle in managing services and facilities with various vendors and building management


  • Global account with JustCo with a dedicated Enterprise team
  • Customized partial floor in a JustCo centre with access to JustCo’s Communal Space
  • Private entrance and reception within JustCo space suitable to hosts guests and clients
  • An all-in-one facility management and office service by JustCo with one monthly invoice

Enterprise Members