A Closer Look at Our Coworking Space on King Street, Sydney

If you’re seeking an incredibly convenient location for your team’s operations in Sydney, consider JustCo Australia‘s striking option on 135 King Street. This sleek three-storey coworking and serviced office space combines amenity and accessibility to benefit freelancers and businesses alike.

As flexible work arrangements become the norm for many companies in Australia, this location enhances your employees’ productivity in myriad ways, with its 24/7 access and security, private meeting rooms, fully stocked kitchen, and outstanding end-of-trip facilities.

We’ve delved into the details below to help you understand this modern Sydney office space a little more. From its scenic, accessible location to its surrounding amenities, 135 King Street is a top-notch choice for businesses searching for an ideal flexible office space.

At The Heart Of Sydney

Set in Sydney’s bustling CBD with exceptional transport options just around the corner, getting to and from 135 King Street is a breeze. There’s no need to navigate Sydney’s hectic traffic when travelling to the office with just a three-minute walk from Martin Place Station or a seven-minute walk from Wynyard Station.

Your team is also in luck if they ride to work. With on-site showers and storage lockers, your active workers can cruise to the office before getting comfortable for the rest of the day.

Top-class business amenities also surround this location. With many of the world’s largest organisations in nearby streets, your workers are never far from a service that makes their lives easier. Meanwhile, meetings with clients and partners are also simple when you’re encircled by celebrated restaurants, cafes, and hotels.

Where Nature Meets Architecture

Finding the ideal serviced office or coworking space isn’t just about the facilities inside. Being close to nature is also crucial as studies have found people who work near nature are more productive and creative, with an overall improved wellbeing.

Set between the skyscrapers and heritage-listed buildings that adorn Martin Place, you’ll find the sprawling greenery of Hyde Park less than a five-minute stroll away. As Australia’s oldest parkland, there are ornate fountains, manicured gardens, and wide-open spaces to enjoy on a sunny day.

A 10-minute walk also immerses your team in the renowned Darling Harbour Precinct. Here, they can find delightful dining options, nightlife venues and boutique shopping, not to mention the beloved waterfront adorned by landmarks including King Street Wharf, Pyrmont Bridge, and the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Work and Lifestyle Unite

Ready to base your business on 135 King Street? You have the choice of four membership plans, each dedicated to businesses of varying scale.

  • Virtual office: A business address with basic mail handling services.
  • Desk: Suitable for individuals looking for a hot desk featuring 24/7 access, shared amenities, and unlimited monthly usage.
  • Standard office: Perfect for teams between two and 20 workers, you can determine the layout of your standard office. This lockable office space also offers unlimited 24/7 access, personal branding, and shared amenities.
  • Enterprise suite: Choose a private and customisable enterprise office space if you have over 20 staff. Here, you can choose the layout while benefiting from 24/7 access, private meeting rooms, waiting areas, and more.

Sign Up For A Coworking Space On King Street, Sydney With JustCo Australia

Get in touch with the friendly team at JustCo Australia about any of our high-end serviced offices and coworking spaces in Sydney. Whether you’re a sole operator looking to grow your business or a large-scale organisation wanting to dominate the market, our first-class office spaces for rent are perfect for your needs.





對於全球許多科技公司而言,台灣能提供一個具有潛力的人才庫。Google 和微軟甚至在幾年前就已經開始把資金投入台灣市場。作為收購宏達電智慧手機設計部的一部分,美國科技巨頭 Google 在2013年開設了一間位於台灣的資料中心,並在五年後在台灣迎來了2,000多名工程師。Google 也在同年宣佈要在台灣招聘更多科技人才的計畫。此外,由於台灣能為企業在亞洲提供一個成本較低但人才學歷較高的研發空間,Google 和其他科技巨頭都不斷回到台灣。


台灣每年都有超過10,000名受過高等教育並具有科技頭腦的計算機科學和 IT 畢業生加入人才庫。 為滿足科技產業日益增長的需求,每所台灣大學都有每年培養約100名碩士和博士的配額。 此外,科技部也會資助資訊和數位科技、再生能源和網路安全領域的機構。



當然,台灣也沒忽略英語。 儘管台灣人的英語流利度和熟練度或許沒有新加坡人或香港人高,但當地政府已實施2030雙語國家政策,以顯著提升台灣年輕一代的英語熟練度和競爭力.





科技進步和企業界現代化的商業模式已使遠距和靈活的工作方式變得越來越普遍。 共同工作空間非但不限於企業家和自由工作者,反而還成為一個蓬勃發展的生態系統。在這個空間裏能夠找到各種企業的遠距工作團隊、使用私人共享辦公室的老牌公司和新興科技新創公司。


1. 遠距工作

JustCo 這樣的共同工作空間遍佈世界各地的城市。吸引許多以共同工作模式辦公的專業人士使用這個空間的重要原因是它能為這些專業人士提供隨時隨地辦公的自由和靈活性。此外,全球的雇主都能選擇雇用世界各地最優秀的人才,而無需支付這些人才的搬遷費,或擔心員工可能因遠距工作而產生脫節感。這些都是使雇用台灣遠距科技人才的做法極具吸引力的原因。

2. 為員工提供工作結構


3. 提高生產力

共同工作空間往往結合各種工作環境,以迎合不同的工作風格。共同工作空間所支持的工作方式比傳統辦公室更多樣化,而這個空間也能提供比居家工作設置定更好的結構。因此,在這個工作空間裡工作能夠優化生產力。 當您和您的團隊在這個精心設計的空間裡工作,你們或許會發現自己能更輕鬆地取得進展。共同工作空間儲備充足的茶水間、背景音樂、自然採光和舒適的室內溫度也能幫助您保持精力充沛。


并非所有上述共同工作模式的優點對您都適用。 但無論您的業務需求是什麼,共同工作空間的核心始終在於靈活性。您依然可以將這個空間客制化以滿足您團隊的需求。

無論您是正在尋找投資人的企業家,還是在台灣尋找遠距工作人才加入您不斷壯大的團隊的科技巨頭,共同工作空間必定是孵化新機會的孵化器。JustCo 台灣充滿活力的共享辦公室有助於提高您的員工的生產力並幫助您的企業建立新人脈。JustCo 台灣在新竹台北設有四間共享辦公室,能讓許多企業和遠距工作者靈活地擴展業務。


How Shared Office Spaces Can Support Taiwan’s Remote Tech Talents

For the longest time, Taiwan’s tech talent pool has been flying under the radar. However, with emerging hubs and highly educated workers, the country has firmly positioned itself as the new destination for companies hiring internationally.

Read on as we share some of the main reasons why you should consider hiring your next remote tech team member from Taiwan and the benefits of shared office spaces.

Why Hire Remote Talent In Taiwan

For many tech companies worldwide, Taiwan offers an up-and-coming talent pool that even Google and Microsoft already began investing in a few years ago. In 2013, the United States tech giant, Google, opened a data centre on the island and welcomed more than 2,000 engineers in Taiwan five years later as part of its acquisition of the HTC smartphone design division. The same year, Google announced plans to hire more tech talents in Taiwan. Furthermore, Google and other tech giants keep coming back to Taiwan because it offers businesses a relatively low-cost but highly educated space for research and development in Asia.

Highly Educated Candidates

Taiwan offers a highly-educated, tech-minded pool of talents with over 10,000 computer science and IT graduates annually. To meet the rising demands of the tech industry, each Taiwanese university is given a quota to churn out approximately 100 master’s and PhD students annually. Furthermore, the Ministry of Science and Technology will fund institutions targeting sectors such as information and digital technology, renewable energy, cybersecurity, and more.

Linguistic Advantages

While English may not be the main linguistic asset Taiwanese tech talents have to offer – that would be Mandarin. With over 10% of the world population speaking Mandarin, Taiwan’s official language provides global businesses looking to expand the upper hand.

But the country has not forgotten about the English Language either. Even though Taiwan may not boast the levels of English fluency and proficiency found in areas like Singapore or Hong Kong, but the local government has implemented a Billingual Nation 2030 policy with the aim of significantly improving proficiency and boosting the competitiveness of the younger generation in Taiwan.

Emerging Tech Hubs In Taiwan

Having a strong reputation for technological innovation, it is no surprise that Taiwan has become a popular hub for large tech companies worldwide. The growing tech scene in Taiwan is also leading the way for other international businesses and startups to create attractive job opportunities for local talents to learn and grow.

And coexisting with Taiwan’s progressive and dynamic workforce are shared office spaces designed to drive productivity.

What Is A Coworking Space?

Coupled with technological advancements and the modernisation of the corporate world, remote and flexible working is becoming more common. Coworking spaces are not just limited to entrepreneurs or freelancers. Instead, they have become a thriving ecosystem involving remote enterprise teams, established companies in private offices, budding tech startups in brainstorming areas, and many more.

Here, we look at the benefits of coworking spaces and their facilities:

1. Remote Access

With coworking spaces like JustCo dotting cities worldwide, the freedom and flexibility to plug in at any time and location proves to be a significant draw for many coworking professionals. Plus, employers worldwide can choose to hire the best talent, regardless of location, without forking out relocation costs or fearing the disconnection their remote employees may feel. All of these are what make hiring Taiwanese remote tech talents attractive.

2. Brings Structure To Your Employees’ Work Day

For most, remote working could mean spending the day at home alone as they get through the day. This results in minimal structure and can have your employees working long past the time they should have clocked off. Coworking spaces provide remote workers with the structure to their day – a place to arrive every morning and leave once the work day is done. In turn, this can help prevent the unbidden creep of work life into their personal time and keeps their mental health in check.

3. Enhanced Productivity

Typically, coworking spaces blend a range of work environments to cater to different work styles. Coworking spaces are optimised for productivity by offering more variety than your traditional office whilst providing better structure compared with work-from-home setups. You and your team may find progress coming easily within intentionally designed spaces, while a fully-stocked pantry, background music, natural light, and moderated air temperatures help keep you energised.

Find A Shared Office Space To Meet Your Business Needs

Not all three coworking advantages listed above may apply to you personally. But, no matter your business needs, flexibility is at the heart of coworking spaces – you can always personalise the experience to fit your team.

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for investors or a tech giant looking for remote talents in Taiwan to join your ever-growing team, there is no doubt that coworking spaces are incubators for fresh opportunities. JustCo Taiwan’s vibrant shared offices help increase employees’ productivity whilst helping your business foster new connections. With four shared offices across Hsinchu and Taipei in Taiwan, JustCo Taiwan provides many businesses and remote workers with the flexibility to scale operations as you see fit.

Contact us to book a tour today to find out more!

How Workspace Design Supports Productivity

When most people think about the relationship between work and productivity, the first thing that comes to mind is the type of work being done. But there’s another critical factor to consider: the workplace itself.

No one ever expects their office to be their biggest distraction. In fact, the way we design our workspaces can have a significant impact on our productivity. Yet, so many of us find ourselves constantly battling against the piles of papers, the never-ending emails, and the general sense of chaos that pervades our working environment.

By taking three simple steps to organise and optimise your office space, you can set yourself up for success.

How To Create A Productive Workspace 

Studies have shown that the right mix of layout, lighting and colour as well as furniture in the modern shared office space can boost productivity and encourage greater collaboration.

1. Layout of the coworking and office space

The layout of a workspace can influence how productive we are. A study found that employees who had access to both private and shared modern office spaces were more productive than those who only had access to one or the other.

The key is to strike a balance between collaboration and privacy, allowing employees to control their surroundings and minimise distractions. Having access to both types of space gives employees greater control over their work environment, which can lead to increased productivity.

For example, private spaces like JustCo Australia’s meeting rooms provide a place for workers to focus on their work without distractions. Meanwhile, public spaces allow for collaboration and social interaction, which can help to generate new ideas and solutions. 

2. Lighting and colour of the modern shared office space

Other than layout, good lighting is also essential for any workspace, but it’s crucial for office settings. Studies have shown that workers who have access to natural light in their office space are more productive than those who don’t.

One way to ensure that your office has good lighting is to design the space with natural light in mind. For example, you can use light-coloured paint on the walls and ceiling to reflect light and make the space feel brighter. You can also invest in task lights for individual workstations. These lights provide focused illumination that can help reduce eye strain and headaches. You can even improve the ambient lighting in your office by adding mirrors or installing dimmer switches.

By working with JustCo Australia’s in-house design team, businesses can ensure that their workspaces are both on brand and conducive to productivity. We have various options, such as private offices for smaller companies or enterprise suites for larger businesses.

3. Furniture in the coworking and office space

Ergonomic furniture is designed to help people work more efficiently. For example, a good chair can help you to maintain good posture and minimise discomfort, while a standing desk can help to combat fatigue.

When employees are not worrying about pain or discomfort, they can devote all their energy to their tasks. JustCo Australia provides high quality and ergonomic furniture like steelcase chairs for all our members by reducing stress and stress on the body, promoting correct posture and improving circulation.

Create A More Productive Coworking Office Space With JustCo Australia

By considering how workspace design can support productivity, we can create environments that encourage us to be our best selves.

Why not consider renting an office space at a coworking centre? At JustCo Australia, we provide our members with an all-access membership in Melbourne and Sydney at premium business locations. Even better, enjoy the convenience of having direct access to different train stations and trams. Our customisable office layout, furnishings, and accessories can help you create an environment that is both comfortable and conducive to work.

Get in touch with us to learn more.

3 Reasons Why Enterprises Need Coworking Spaces

The traditional office space is rapidly evolving in Australia, with cubicles giving way to open floor plans, employees increasingly working remotely, and the rise of flexible workspaces.

A flexible workspace, also known as a coworking centre, is a type of office space that can adapt to businesses and employees’ changing needs. It is usually furnished with a mix of private offices, individual workstations, meeting rooms, and common areas.

These workspaces can be rented by the day, week, or month from the providers, with a variety of amenities such as WiFi, printers, and pantries. They are often located in central business districts in Australia, making them convenient for meeting clients or attending business lunches.

For large businesses, flexible workspaces can be a cost-effective way to provide workstations for employees in different parts of the country or world. For employees, flexible workspaces offer the opportunity to network with other professionals and access a variety of amenities that can boost productivity.

Here are the three main benefits of flexible workspaces for large enterprises in Australia.

1. Increased Productivity

One of the greatest benefits of coworking  and shared office spaces is that employees can get more work done. When workers have the freedom to choose their work environment, they are more likely to be comfortable and focused, leading to higher productivity levels.

Some workspaces like JustCo Australia even provide members with the ability to design their own work environment. This allows them to create a setting conducive to their individual needs and work styles, which leads to higher levels of productivity.

Flexible workspace providers often also have a variety of amenities such as pantries and breakout rooms that can further boost productivity. For example, there is even an in-house café in JustCo’s coworking space at William Street.

2. Enhanced Creativity 

Other than increased productivity, a wider range of working options can encourage greater collaboration between employees. This type of environment has been shown to promote creativity and innovation, giving employees the freedom to move around and mix with different people.

For example, with event spaces, comfortable lounge areas, and dedicated spaces for meeting and brainstorming at JustCo Australia, there is greater social interaction and networking amongst employees, which can lead to the exchange of new ideas.

It can also help to boost morale and build team spirit as employees feel more engaged with their work. Members can even tap JustCo’s 100,000 members-strong business network, connecting with each other to share ideas, network, and collaborate on projects.

3. Greater Flexibility

Flexible workspaces providers offer a high degree of freedom, which is appealing to many workers who appreciate being able to control their own schedules. Employees have greater opportunities to work in the way that suits them best, whether that means working from home or in a different location in Australia altogether.

Get the Flexibility You Need With JustCo Australia’s Coworking Spaces

Enterprises today are under pressure to do more with less. They need to be agile and adapt to changing markets and customer needs. That’s why more and more of them are turning to flexible workspace providers that bring a lot of benefits.

As the workplace continues to evolve, these coworking and shared office spaces in Australia are likely to become an increasingly popular option for businesses and employees alike.

Whether you’re looking for a place to conduct business meetings or simply want to get some work done in a new setting, a flexible workspace provider like JustCo Australia can offer the perfect solution, with an all-access membership to over 40 locations in Melbourne and Sydney.

Get in touch with us to find out more. Check out our social media pages like Facebook/Meta and Instagram to keep up with our latest updates!

Mental Health: How Workspaces Affect Employees’ Well-Being

The nature of work has evolved considerably in recent years, with workers and businesses increasingly recognising the need for positive mental well-being. Although drive and productivity are required to reach the pinnacle of any industry, it doesn’t have to come at the cost of employee personal health.

Businesses that view their workers as human beings find that achieving their goals is more than possible, as their employees feel treated with respect and get the rest they need. The design of workspaces is significant in this equation, with the advantages of coworking spaces having a big impact on the future of work.

Importance Of Mental Health In The Workplace

Over the last couple of decades, businesses have learned to appreciate that physical health matters to their employees’ productivity. This means many now offer their workers free healthy lunch options, discounted gym memberships and other perks that enhance efficiency and focus.

However, in recent times, mental well-being has become a vital part of the conversation. Although the above measures help employees in numerous ways, other aspects like a supportive work environment, workplace get-togethers and confidential in-house counselling staff also improve business outcomes.

According to research from the World Economic Forum, every dollar spent on producing a positive workplace for mental health results in a four times increase in return on investment. So, not only is caring for your team’s mental health good for them, but it also helps your business gain an advantage in a competitive industry.

How to Create a Workspace That Promotes Employee Well-Being

Creating a healthy workplace means planning and executing a positive mental health strategy. Alongside exercise classes, support staff and more, you must carefully decide how to design your workspace.

With the ideal workplace leading to reduced absenteeism, increased employee engagement and group productivity, the environment where your employees’ work can make a big difference to their personal and professional success.

So, what do you need to consider?

1. Physical environment

Workplaces must be easy to operate from to foster positive mental health. That means they must be clean and comfortable, with break-out areas for your workers to get away from their computers from time to time. There should also be plenty of fresh air and natural light to keep your employees feeling connected with the outside world. For example, JustCo King Street  is located right between the sprawling greenery of Hyde Park and the waterfront of Tumbalong Bay. The biggest advantage of this coworking space is its incredible, calming views for any worker to rest and recharge.

2. Layout of your space

The layout of your office is also crucial. A cramped and overbearing space is bound to leave workers mentally and physically exhausted by day’s end. However, a thoughtfully designed coworking space is advantageous as employees can comfortably engage with team members and get a moment’s peace, resulting in a more positive mental well-being.

3. Furniture and equipment

Employees need the right equipment to work productively. Ergonomic furniture and adjustable workstations ensure they don’t experience common workplace injuries, while noise-cancelling headphones minimise distractions. Alongside thoughtful, pleasant touches like plants, social games and healthy snacks, employees find spending time in the office much easier, which in turn promotes better mental health.

Make Mental Health a Priority in the Workplace With JustCo Australia

JustCo Australia‘s modern coworking spaces, private offices and enterprise suites prioritise employee mental health. Featuring the advantages your team needs to thrive, workers getting down to business in our warmly decorated spaces will bask in natural light flooding in through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Meanwhile, our spaces are also equipped with outstanding end-of-line facilities so employees can exercise before, during and after work. Plus, our high-end hospitality amenities ensure they can grab a tasty bite to eat with their coworkers during their break.

Alongside comfortable and well-equipped meeting rooms and event spaces, JustCo Australia’s adaptable office spaces are perfect for businesses operating at every scale. Get in touch with our friendly team to discover more about our private offices and coworking spaces today.

The Business Landscape In Australia

The business landscape in Australia is highly competitive. With a strong economy and a well-educated workforce, companies in Australia have to be innovative and agile to succeed. In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of small businesses and startups as well as an increase in foreign investment, creating a dynamic and exciting business environment.

Australia offers incredible opportunities, with countless chances for established companies and budding entrepreneurs to build something special. Benefiting from a stable political climate, a high standard of living and a population of 25 million, numerous industries are looking to capitalise on this productive business landscape.

If your company wants to get involved, supporting your team with a wonderfully designed private office, enterprise suite or coworking space helps your organisation reach peak performance. Here, we delve into the trending industries carving out space in the Australian market and explore how JustCo Australia‘s solutions allow your business to thrive.

The Business Landscape: Trending Industries in Australia

The resources sector and construction industry have long dominated the Australian business landscape. However, several industries are now making waves and changing the business landscape across the country. Consider how a flexible workspace or serviced offices benefit organisations in these sectors.

1. Financial services

Although the financial services industry has been booming in Australia for some time, it’s expected to undergo an increasingly fast acceleration in the years ahead. With customers young and old making the most of digital banking and payments, traditional financial institutions are investing heavily in digital infrastructure to offer their customers a raft of convenient and easy-to-use services.

However, fintech start-ups are also becoming increasingly common in the space, constantly evolving the financial business landscape in Australia. With many of these organisations being agile by nature, shared office space provides numerous benefits that keep these start-ups moving forward. By making it simple to increase or decrease the scale of your business as required, meeting the demands of your operation becomes much simpler with a flexible workspace.

2. Tourism

The bustling Australian tourism industry is no secret, with stunning scenery and an alluring climate attracting millions of visitors from around the globe. Yet, following the troubling times caused by the pandemic, several new opportunities have emerged for businesses looking to build their reputations in the space.

Cultural tourism has experienced outstanding growth recently, with the country’s world-class arts and sporting sectors providing exciting possibilities for forward-thinking companies. Supported by an airy and inviting shared office space, you can foster seamless collaboration and stand out against the competition. There is definitely tremendous potential for tourism businesses to succeed in the Australian business landscape with the right strategy in place.

3. Healthcare

The healthcare sector is another trending industry ripe for growth in the years to come. With approximately 16% of Australia’s population aged 65 and older, this segment will increase the demand for high-quality healthcare services. With the pandemic causing unprecedented stress on the healthcare system, finding a better way to navigate such times is essential.

Virtual healthcare services like online consultations and digital diagnosis are also becoming increasingly common. The coworking spaces and flexible workspaces at JustCo Australia make it easy for healthcare companies to decentralise their operations and drive innovation. This way, you can work towards servicing the complex needs of patients in Australia and around the globe.

Drive Innovation With JustCo Australia’s Flexible Workspaces

The business landscape in Australia is highly diverse, with businesses ranging from small family-owned enterprises to large multinational corporations. JustCo Australia’s coworking spaces, private offices and enterprise suites help companies achieve their goals, no matter their industry. Whether you’re a budding tourism organisation or a digital-first medical service, having a flexible workspace that fosters productivity and performance is crucial to your success in this dynamic and competitive business landscape.

Our flexible workspaces are designed to meet the needs of modern companies and their workers. Featuring contemporary fit-outs, natural light, fresh air and plenty of space, getting your team to collaborate effectively is simple. Alongside high-tech meeting rooms, you can plan and execute your next project with ease.

In addition, JustCo Australia’s shared spaces and services offices feature excellent end-of-line facilities to enhance your workers’ physical and mental well-being. Meanwhile, hospitality features and event spaces ensure you develop a thriving organisation that competes with the best.

Get in touch with our friendly team now  to discover more about our flexible workspaces and serviced offices.

Easy Sustainable Practices For Small Businesses In Taiwan

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses in Taiwan have been forced to change the way they operate. Many companies have quickly adjusted their operational processes or adopted new technologies to keep up with sustainability standards while ensuring profitability for their shareholders.

With sustainability becoming a top priority for many businesses in recent years, many businesses have to consider the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors that can impact their business. This is attributed to consumers’ inclination toward purchasing products from brands committed to using natural resources.

While enterprise businesses can take climate action by setting net-zero targets and calculating their carbon emissions, these are still goals that could seem a little too big for small businesses. However, if you are a small business owner, you can still do your part to incorporate sustainability and climate action into your own work culture. Read below for some ideas you can adopt:

Tips For Sustainable Business Practices

1. Look For Opportunities To Reduce Electricity

Reducing the electricity needed to heat and cool your workspaces is a good start to tread more lightly on the planet. On the weekends, you can also reduce electricity consumption by turning off the power source for monitors or other electronic devices that are on standby mode. Take it a step further and make this a daily practice at the office and in your remote workspace or work-from-home setup.

2. Reduce Single-Use Items In The Workplace

From deforestation to excessive water use, did you know that paper-based single-use items have a detrimental impact on the environment? The office pantry or kitchen is always a good place to start when it comes to reducing single-use items like utensils, cups, plates, and more. You can encourage your team members to bring their mugs or utensils to reduce waste. At the same time, this also reduces the electricity and water consumption needed to clean these reusable items.

3. Reduce Emissions Through Commute

A 2020 study has shown that transportation and commute represent 25% of the world’s carbon emissions. Reducing and streamlining your own and your employees’ commutes can be an effective way of lowering your business’ carbon footprint.

For example, you can offer flexible work-from-home days or remote working schedules. On the days they have to go into the office, you can encourage them to walk or take public transportation.

Top Benefits of Sustainable Business Practices

Besides doing good for the environment, adopting sustainable business practices can also bring about other tangible and immediate benefits:

1. Reduced Costs

Practising sustainable business practices can help your business save money in different ways. For instance, implementing energy-efficient measures can significantly reduce your company’s energy bills.

2. Increased Profits

As mentioned above, consumers are becoming more conscious of the products and services they purchase. Implementing sustainable business practices can help a brand improve its public image, in turn, leading to increased sales, profits, as well as market shares. Coupled with the lower overhead costs, your company may begin to see an increase in profits. Furthermore, adopting sustainable practices also helps your brand improve its reputation with stakeholders in the community.

3. Greater Employee Satisfaction

Aside from profits, sustainable small business employees are happier and more motivated to work. This leads to a more productive workforce while at the same time lowering employee turnover rates. Sustainable businesses tend to provide healthier work environments with natural lighting, a fully stocked pantry, and ergonomic furniture. All of these things can help reduce stress and improve overall employee morale.

JustCo Taiwan Supports Environmental Sustainability 

In conclusion, small businesses concerned about their environmental impact often make better business decisions to help save the company money and increase profits.

Offering shared office spaces with natural lighting, good ventilation, and a suite of coworking space

services, JustCo Taiwan helps boost productivity and your employees’ morale – all whilst keeping your business aligned with its sustainability goals.

If your business is in the market for office space, choosing a location close to public transportation is a guaranteed winning strategy. With three shared office spaces in Taipei and one coworking space in Hsinchu, JustCo Taiwan is conveniently located in Taipei’s bustling central business districts and the premier office areas of Zhongshan and Songshan districts. This makes commuting to and fro the office easier as your employees do not have to travel long distances, reducing your business’ carbon footprint.

Book a tour at any of our shared office locations to find out how we can take you a step closer to your sustainability goals.




雖然企業可以透過設定淨零目標和計算碳排放量來因應氣候變遷的影響,但這些目標對於小型企業而言或許有點大。 儘管如此,小型企業仍然可以盡自己的力量將永續商業模式和氣候行動融入工作文化中。以下有一些點子可供小型企業參考:


1. 尋找機會減少用電

減少用來提高或降低工作空間溫度所需的電力是您為减少碳排放量邁出的第一步。 您也可以在週末時關閉顯示器或其他待機模式的電子設備電源來減少電力消耗。 您還能進一步在辦公室、遠距工作空間或居家辦公空間實踐這個做法。

2. 減少工作場所的一次性用品

您知道紙質一次性用品會對環境造成不良影響嗎? 森林砍伐和過度用水只是冰山一角。 若想减少一次性餐具、杯子、盤子和同類物品,您不妨從辦公室的茶水間或廚房開始著手。 您可以鼓勵您的團隊成員自行攜帶杯子或餐具以减少浪費。 同時,這還能幫您减少清洗可重複使用的物品所需消耗的電力和水。

3. 通勤减少排放量

2020年的一項研究顯示,交通和通勤占全球碳排放量的25%。 减少和簡化您和員工的通勤可以是降低企業碳足跡的有效方式。

比方說,您可以實行靈活的居家工作日或製定遠距工作時間表。 當員工必須回到辦公室時,您也可以鼓勵他們步行或乘坐大眾運輸工具。



1. 降低成本

實踐企業永續商業模式可以幫助您的企業通過各種方式節省開支。 例如,實施節能措施可以顯著降低您公司的能源費用。

2. 增加利潤

如上文所述,消費者對產品和服務消費所造成的環境影響有越來越强的意識。 實踐永續商業模式可以幫助提高品牌形象,進而提高銷售額、利潤和市佔率。 若再加上降低的間接成本,您的公司可能會開始看到利潤增加。 此外,實踐永續商業模式也有助於提高您的品牌在社群中的聲譽。

3. 提升員工滿意度

除了利潤之外,實踐永續商業模式的小型企業的員工也會更快樂和更有動力去工作。 這可以提高生產力和降低員工流動率。 實踐永續商業模式的企業往往會通過自然採光、儲備充足的茶水間和符合人體工學的傢俱來為員工營造一個更健康的工作環境。 這些安排都可以幫助員工減輕壓力和提高整體士氣。

JustCo 台灣支持實踐環境永續發展


JustCo 台灣可以為您的企業提供擁有自然採光、通風良好的共同辦公室和共同工作空間服務,幫助您提高生產力和員工士氣,並使您的企業與永續發展目標保持一致。

如果您的企業涉正在市場上尋找辦公空間,選擇靠近大眾運輸工具的辦公室是最佳策略。 JustCo 台灣在台北擁有三間共同辦公室,在新竹也設有一間共同工作空間。 JustCo 台灣位於台北繁華的信義區、中山區和松山區的主要辦公區。 這能為您的員工提供交通便利,使他們不必長途跋涉也輕鬆往返辦公室,從而减少企業的碳足跡。立即在我們的任何共享辦公地點預約參觀,瞭解我們如何幫您向永續發展目標邁進。

Benefits Of Coworking Spaces For Freelancers In Taiwan

As a result of the pandemic, remote work is here to stay. While we love the freedom of not having to be cooped up in a cubicle of a corporate office, there’s no denying the perks that come with having a dedicated workspace. Whether you are working remotely or freelancing, you still need equipment, privacy, and other resources you cannot get at home or in the corner of a cafe.

But, coworking spaces help fill in these gaps.

Here’s everything you need to know about coworking spaces and their advantages for many freelancers in Taipei and worldwide.

Increased Levels Of Productivity

Coworking spaces usually combine different work environments to accommodate various work styles. Designed for productivity, coworking spaces provide more structure than a typical work-from-home setup. This is particularly beneficial and true for freelancers who work from home – it is easy to become distracted when we are at home. For instance, children may need attention, the house has to be cleaned or kept, or meals have to be prepared. Renting a desk or business area from a coworking space in Taipei would increase your focus if you choose to work outside the home but still in a professional environment.

Increased Creativity 

Another major advantage of working in a coworking space for freelancers is that they can provide bursts of innovation since you can collaborate with others and be exposed to new ideas. Stepping out from the comforts of home and going to a new office space might help you refresh your mind and come up with new solutions or ideas to help move your freelance project along.

Coworking spaces naturally attract freelancers, hence you are sure to find like-minded people who can relate to the ups and downs of your career. In other words, coworking spaces build a community of freelancers that can uplift and motivate you without forced socialisation.

Better Working Flexibility

No matter your profession, a great benefit of coworking spaces is that they allow you to pay only for the space that you use. Furthermore, flexible agreements and membership plans will enable you to scale your business at your own pace without the rigidity of long-term contracts.

It is all about being adaptable when it comes to coworking. Simply book any desk you want and work whenever you want, without having to answer anyone.

Build Your Skills And Client Base

Coworking spaces can help your professional development. For instance, certain host programmes and events within the coworking space teach new skills in your field and can connect you with industry professionals. From there, you get the opportunity to meet future clients or even get tips to expand your business.

All coworking spaces are different, but most of them, like JustCo Taiwan, offer a wide range of amenities. Hence, if you are a freelancer, you will most likely find everything you need to complete your jobs. But with that being said, coworking spaces are not just all work and no play. Like many modern office buildings, you can also find areas for wellness and relaxation within the coworking space.

The Types Of Coworking Spaces Available

As you already know, coworking spaces offer a flexible and cost-efficient way to reap the benefits a permanent office space can give. It often comes with desks, meeting rooms, and basic office supplies that businesses, teams, or individuals can rent through membership-tiered plans.

Hence, coworking spaces in Taipei come in different shapes and sizes to fit the needs of every kind of worker. Whether you need a desk for your weekly article-writing sessions or a meeting room for conference calls and client-hosting, you will have no trouble finding one that works for you with JustCo Taiwan. In general, you can choose between:

Open Desks 

These spaces stay true to the traditional idea of coworking. Open desks provide freelancers with shared basic amenities, services, and multiple networking opportunities open to workers from different companies and backgrounds.

Private Offices 

These spaces are for slightly larger teams or companies that need a private room or an entire floor. Designed to accommodate 2-20 people, private offices have spaces to store belongings and, most of all, the privacy to collaborate.

Enterprise Suite

Designed to hold more than 20 people, enterprise suites provide businesses with the option to customise their space that aligns with their business ideals. Often geared toward workers in specific industries, you can also request or get access to specialised equipment to drive your business forward.

Designed For Freelancers In Mind

Coworking spaces make it easier for freelancers to compete and excel in their industry. With services, resources, and equipment that you might not have access to at home, coworking spaces also allow you to meet with fellow freelancers who can better advise you and even introduce you to new opportunities.

Designed with freelancers in mind, coworking spaces are also flexible, so you can rest assured knowing that you are not tied to an expensive lease or long-term membership. With four shared offices across Hsinchu and Taipei in Taiwan, JustCo offers you everything you need to complete your gigs.

Reach out to us to book a tour today and find out more!