Helping Startups in Asia, Together with My Family

If you’re a member of JustCo or JustOffice, chances are that you already know Lu Liu, Head of Operations, Regional.

Lu’s primary focus is on creating a signature JustCo and JustOffice experience with uncompromising service standards, one which consistently delivers top-notch service with warmth and a personal touch.

A graduate of Columbia Business School, Columbia University, New York, Lu shares her story and successes since leaving CBS…

In my MBA application essay, I wrote about how I’d one day start my own business, doing something I love. Needless to say how grateful I felt when it came true. I’ve not only been part of building a business, but more importantly, I got to help and nurture many startups in Singapore and China everyday in my work.

It didn’t happen on day 1 after graduating from Columbia Business School in ’04. Like many of my classmates, I joined a well-known company as a Financial Analyst, honing my skills and learning about the foundation of great companies. I was also sorting out my personal life, while traveling from country to country for my various assignments.

Year 2010 was when it all came to fruition. In my marriage, I had to give up my much-loved NYC life, but I gained a beautiful family, and a husband who was just as passionate as me about making a difference in what we do. He started JustOffice, a serviced office in Singapore, in 2011, and I joined suit after a couple of years, when the business was accelerating in Singapore. Like any startup stories, the initial years were a series of tears and sweats, arguments and made ups, and at the end, both the process and results were worth all the while.

Our second brand JustCo, a coworking space in Singapore, was launched in 2015, and now we have 11 locations under our network in Singapore and China. It is a fun place where workspace, business support, events, and lots of networing opportunities all come together. People work in either individual offices or hot-desk style, either behind their computer screens or among pingpong table, arcade games, and swings (yes, like the ones you see in a park). They make friends and network within the JustCo community among Christmas champagne, Chinese New Year “lo hei”, gaining advice from Lazada COO, or pitching to PwC Venture Hub. Everyday, the community helps connect people and businesses, growing under one roof physically and virtually.

I never knew I could have so much fun (and yes stress too) in work. What’s even more fun is that I get to do this with my husband and my brother-in-law. Can’t describe how blessed I truly feel, to continue to grow as a person and a leader among the company and support of my family. The opportunies all started after I graduated from CBS, and I’d forever be an avid ambassador of the CBS experience, something everyone should have once in their lifetime.