JustGroup Crew’s Show & Tell: Meditation Through Art

Here at JustGroup, we’re very proud of our staff and hope you’ll agree that they help make it the very special place that it is.

But there’s more…

Many of our staff have other creative talents and interest that maybe only a few of you were aware of. Hence, we decided to introduce JustGroup Crew’s Show & Tell series.

Meditation Through Art is the first in the series of JustGroup Crew’s Show & Tell. JustCo’s very own Sofy Rahman conducted the event in early November at JustCo @ 120 Robinson Road.

Before joining JustCo, Sofy was a flight attendant in Qatar. Outside her day job, she won several awards for her design work as well as became a finalist in 2014 Mrs Singapore pageant. In 2015 she founded Coloursutra, where she authored 2 colouring books for adults and also conducted art experiential workshop.

Explaining the theme, Sofy states, “Gratitude opens the way for abundance and makes people happier when people start to count all the blessings he or she already have and is one of the best way to improve relationship with themselves, others and even towards health and wealth.”

Throughout the evening, participants were involved in attention training, self-knowledge, self-mastery and creating useful mental habits through meditation and mindfulness activities. Shamsiah Samsudin, an experienced nutritional therapist, also joined Sofy for the meditation session.

Sofy shares how glad she is to have the opportunity to connect to the audience, which included fellow colleagues and tenants on a deeper level. “It is always great to break away from work mode and see us in a different light. Clarity in their sense of purpose through meditation so the work that they do every everyday becomes more meaningful and they exemplify passion and creativity at powerful levels, inspiring others to do the same.

” Some attendees, such as Mel, saw the event as an opportunity for her to reconnect with her inner self. “The mandala session helps me reflect back on things and thoughts that had been bottled up.” she said.

Others find that the session is very refreshing and wish for a longer meditation session.

“Each session was unique because of the individuals who have participated. Participants get to re-discover themselves through meditation and mandala creation. It also brought out the inner calm and peace of a person.” elaborates Sofy.