Own A Start-up in Indonesia? Get All The Help You Need From JustCo!

Indonesia has been booming with startups in 2020. In fact, according to Institute for Development of Economics and Finance currently there are 2,203 startups in Indonesia in 2020 alone. Indonesia is ranked 5th in the world with most start-ups just behind Canada (2,713), UK (5,387), India (8,353), and USA (65,779).

With such numbers in 2020, 2021 will be no exception, especially for the city of Jakarta. It is still not too late to hop on the bandwagon of launching startups, since we are still in the first quarter of 2021, plenty of opportunities are still up for grabs and a promising startup can reap profits in no time.

Naturally, during the infancy period of launching a startup, also known as the “research and development” (R&D) phase, liquidity might not be high and profits might not roll in as quickly as expected. This is why startups can make use of co-working spaces effectively to save cost. The cash saved from paying rental fees for a permanent office can compromise cashflow as unnecessary cashflow  can cause a startup in its infancy to be deemed unsustainable.

JustCo – The Ideal Co-working Space for Startups in Indonesia

Launching a startup is stressful enough as it is, find out how JustCo can assist you and help improve your business by making use of our many co-working spaces in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Building Your Network and Community

It is easy for a startup to be lost in a sea of hundreds of other small businesses, make JustCo your go-to co-working space and you might just be able to help your business standout from the masses. In a co-working space, you will be able to meet new people everyday, with some elements of community built into our spaces.

You will be able to meet likeminded entrepreneurs and connect with them for more opportunities for collaborations in future, or simply get the chance to tell another person about your business and maybe gain another customer or clientele.


Maybe you just need a working space for a few hours in between client meetings, or need a quiet private phone booth for a Zoom call. Whatever you need for work, JustCo has got you covered. You can rent a private studio for yourself and your staff in one location in the short-term, or you can have a permanent desk set up at your most preferred space – whatever your needs are, we are happy to accommodate. Not to mention, you can also stand to enjoy our shared amenities in the co-working space whenever you need to.

A Structured Work Environment

Working-from-home sounds like bliss since you will be spared from the infamous Jakarta traffic. However, If you are launching your startup while working-from-home, a workday can pass in a blur with minimal human interaction and it can be difficult to “clock off” if you did not “clock in” at a physical workplace. Working past working hours can be disastrous for your health and might negatively impact your business in the long run.

To obtain work-life balance, it is good practice to consciously separate working hours from your personal time. This means that you should not be checking work emails before bedtime, reading through proposals during meals or working in bed. The perfect solution to this would be to start your work day at our co-working space and end the day by leaving the space. This can add much needed structure to your day and prevent you from having a burn out.

Let Your Startup Scale Greater Heights with JustCo

There are plenty of advantages that a co-working space can bring to a startup. Whether it is meeting potential clients, other entrepreneurs or talented individuals, working in a co-working space can definitely increase your startup’s exposure to people of different industries, especially when the trend of remote working is here to stay. Our vibrant shared office space can help increase workplace productivity and also offer a ton of amenities to foster a healthy workplace environment. Visit one of JustCo’s many co-working spaces in Jarkarta, Indonesia today.