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Why In-Person Shared Office Spaces Are Still A Good Idea

Businesses of all sizes – from large multinational corporations to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) to start-ups – have largely embraced the shift to ‘work from home’ (WFH) or remote working arrangements over the last few years. Apart from hygiene and safety concerns, proponents of remote working cite benefits such as higher productivity and smaller carbon footprints.

However this experience has not been uniform, with downsides including feelings of social isolation, lack of closeness with coworkers, and blurring of the lines between ‘work’ and ‘home’. Many companies are now reconsidering if a fully WFH model is suitable for their workforce – and seeking out alternatives.

Shared office spaces are one option that provides opportunities for in-person interactions without the rigidity of the traditional office model. JustCo offers flexible office solutions to suit businesses of any shape or size, so you can regain the benefits of in-person interaction and find a shared office space plan that suits your business needs.



Remote work may cut out inconvenient parts of your day such as commuting or needing to get ready for work early in the morning, but working from home isn’t completely idyllic. Both digital and non-digital distractions make the WFH experience difficult, and people who are parents or caregivers may need to juggle their ‘at home’ duties during office hours. Going back to an offline office space gives many employees a chance to reset and refocus on work without these distractions. Shared office spaces also make it easier for employees to break out into smaller groups for interactive face-to-face discussions or meetings. Compared to holding virtual meetings over a screen, in-person meetings provide a deeper sense of connection and empathy that can help employees achieve better concentration and focus on group tasks and objectives.


Zoom calls, Microsoft Teams meetings, and Slack huddles have taken over in-person meetings – and the experience just isn’t the same. While virtual meetings can be more convenient in some situations, verbal and non-verbal cues sometimes cannot be properly conveyed virtually, leading to miscommunications or misunderstandings. In dynamic client-facing industries or in start-ups and SMBs with a smaller workforce, face-to-face meetings in an offline shared office space can improve communication between employees and/or clients. This allows for better focus on your business goals, and more effective communication where necessary.


Workplace morale has undoubtedly taken a hit in the age of WFH. In smaller companies and start-ups, face-to-face interaction prevents departments from getting ‘siloed’, encouraging cross-department communication and engagement. Being in an offline shared office space also makes it easier to onboard and introduce new employees to colleagues, as well as for colleagues to informally catch up and reconnect throughout the day. These can all contribute to improving productivity as well as employee morale.


A shared office space still has many advantages for businesses, while allowing for flexible work arrangements. This offers start-ups and SMBs scalable arrangements without the redundancy or high overhead costs of traditional fixed office rental plans. For additional privacy, you can opt for  a private office space based on your requirements. On top of having this space to grow and develop their own unique brand identity, members have access to JustCo shared workspaces and meeting rooms across over 40 locations worldwide, membership perks, and the ever-growing JustCo community. JustCo shared office spaces cater to small businesses starting from 2 people to large requirements of up to 100 people, and come with amenities such as a business address, mail handling, high-speed internet, and IT support. Visit our JustCo centres in Indonesia for a free trial or find out more in our FAQs.