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Community Blog

How Coworking Spaces Foster An Inclusive Working Culture In Indonesia

In recent years, coworking spaces have become an increasingly popular option for professionals in Indonesia who are looking for greater flexibility and a more collaborative work environment.

Why In-Person Shared Office Spaces Are Still A Good Idea

Businesses of all sizes – from large multinational corporations to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) to start-ups – have largely embraced the shift to ‘work from home’ (WFH) or remote working arrangements over the last few years. Apart from hygiene and safety concerns, proponents of remote working cite benefits such as higher productivity and smaller carbon footprints.

A Guide To Coworking Spaces in Indonesia

{:id} Daftas isi:  Apa itu Coworking Space? Apa saja fitur umum dari coworking space? Hot desks Rangakaian ruang kerja pribadi Ruang rapat Dapur bersama yang terisi penuh Fasilitas printer Area hiburan Untuk perusahaan rintisan Coworking space vs incubator umum Untuk [...]

Coworking – The Better Choice For Your Mental Health

{:id} Sejak Covid-19 di awal 2020 melanda, pekerja di seluruh dunia didorong untuk bekerja dari rumah karena peraturan pemerintah yang ingin menekan penyebaran virus, tidak terkecuali Jakarta. Sementara cukup jelas manfaat kesehatan apa saja yang didapatkan saat menghindari berbagi ruang [...]

3 Useful Tips for Aspiring Startup Business Owners in Indonesia

{:id} Pandemi Covid-19 telah memberi dampak negatif terhadap prospek ekonomi global untuk tahun-tahun mendatang dan mempengaruhi bisnis startup dan bisnis kecil dengan dana yang tidak mencukupi untuk bertahan selama lockdown. Dengan prospek yang tidak pasti, Anda mungkin menghentikan sejenak rencana [...]

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Own A Start-up in Indonesia? Get All The Help You Need From JustCo!

{:id} Indonesia digemparkan dengan maraknya kehadiran start-up pada tahun 2020. Faktanya, menurut institut pengembangan ekonomi dan keuangan pada tahun 2020 terdapat 2203 startup di Indonesia. Indonesia menduduki peringkat 5 di dunia dengan jumlah startup terbanyak disusul oleh Kanada (2713), Inggris [...]

Why companies choose coworking over conventional offices in the new normal

{:id} Mengapa perusahaan lebih memilih coworking daripada kantor konvensional dalam kebiasaan baru? Saat ini kondisi bekerja sudah mulai beradaptasi dengan situasi pandemi, perusahaan di Jakarta menyadari ketidaknyamanan ruang kantor konvensional, dalam hal biaya, fleksibilitas, dan aksesibilitas. Negara secara bertahap mulai [...]

Riot Games Southeast Asia’s Publishing Team moves into JustCo at The Centrepoint

{:id} Lingkungan kerja yang serba cepat, menantang, namun mengasyikkan pasti sudah tidak asing lagi bagi Riot Games, yang terkenal karena mengembangkan dan menerbitkan video game populer seperti League of Legends. Hari demi hari, Riot terus membangun filosofi menjadi perusahaan yang [...]

Is work from hotel a coworking alternative in Jakarta?

{:id} Wabah virus global telah menghentikan berbagai bentuk perjalanan internasional, hal ini tidak hanya memengaruhi sektor penerbangan tetapi juga industri perhotelan. Terlepas dari adanya tantangan tersebut, beberapa merek kelas atas di Jakarta telah menyesuaikan diri untuk beradaptasi, memanfaatkan adanya percepatan [...]

Coworking vs WFH: Why a hot desk is better for freelancers

{:id} Salah satu keuntungan terbesar yang dapat dinikmati seorang freelancer adalah memiliki otonomi untuk memilih tempat mereka bekerja. Di tengah banyaknya pilihan, bekerja dari rumah cenderung menjadi pilihan populer karena alasan yang jelas - lebih mudah diakses, nyaman, dan lebih [...]

Why big corporations move to coworking spaces

{:id} Global Coworking Growth Study melaporkan bahwa jumlah coworking center di seluruh dunia diperkirakan akan melampaui 40.000 pada tahun 2024. Saat ini, kawasan Asia-Pasifik memiliki coworking space yang paling banyak digunakan di dunia, dengan kapasitas rata-rata tertinggi adalah sebanyak 114 [...]

Together through difficult times: Young inspiring entrepreneurs share tips on staying resilient in times of crisis

{:id} Keterangan (searah jarum jam dari kiri atas): Laura Dawson dari JustCo Australia, Han Jin, Co-founder dari Lucid, Eileen Kamtawijoyo, COO & Co-founder dari Populix, Will Fan, Co-founder & CEO dari NewCampus, Pahrada Sapprasert, Director dari 500 TukTuks.  Sulit menjadi [...]

Co-working Spaces Promote Creativity and Innovation

Today, there’s a high premium placed on creativity and innovation, and co-working spaces are proving to be the best enabling environment for these skills to flourish. Co-working spaces are fostering ingenuity for an increasingly flexible intellectual labour force. As a [...]

5 surprising perks of hot-desking

Sheree McIntyre, Vice President and Head of JustCo Australia, highlights some of her favourite hot-desking perks and sheds light on the upside for businesses. People talk to each other Co-working spaces can be really social environments as well as spaces [...]

The psychological effect of the colour green

And 3 reasons why you need to have it at work   Think of the offices of many of the world’s most successful and innovative companies today and it’s likely that vertical gardens, lush landscaping, and green nooks also come to [...]

A special partnership with Dropbox

Su Hock Koh, Dropbox Head of Local Business and Partners (Asia) believes in harnessing the power of networks for doing good as well as to create extraordinary possibilities for greater economic, social, environmental and human good. So it’s no surprise […]

SMUAA Start-Up Hub powered by JustCo

In September 2018, JustCo is delighted to announce a collaborative effort with Singapore Management University Alumni Association (SMUAA). Established since July 2005 and run by alumni volunteers for alumni, the SMUAA leads SMU alumni in creating social impact and harnessing […]

The hype is real: Bitcoin and the future of blockchain

JustCo had the pleasure of bringing together four insightful panelists to go beyond the hype of cryptocurrencies and dive deeper into the realm of blockchain technology. Participants not only gained valuable insights from industry experts, they also got to mingle […]

Grab x JustCo: sharing big dreams and beautiful spaces

Celebrate your wins, no matter how big or small it may seem. Here at JustCo, we live by this and work hard to bring our visions to life. Last Friday we shared our space with the #GrabFam to do just [...]

Verizon Innovation Community launch

What a time to be alive! ? We are so proud to announce the opening of the Verizon Innovation Community managed by JustCo! As Singapore’s largest co-working space provider and masters of our craft, nothing makes us happier than the [...]

Game changers: event summary

We were thrilled to host the recent ‘Game Changers’ dialogue last Thursday evening at our Marina One Centre. Here at JustCo, we aim to bring together a community of like-minded thinkers who can benefit from the insight of industry experts, [...]

Grow your business in the age of the customer

With Singapore’s booming economy, everyone is fighting for a spot to launch ideas and products into the market today. But how can one sustain and survive as an SME? Salesforce’s very own David Han- who has 5 years of experience […]

Humans of JustCo: Caesar Chen

Much has been achieved since our last Humans of JustCo project. Now that we have unlocked another milestone of opening 2 brand new centres at the prestigious UIC Building and Marina One. We are excited to announce our further expansion into Southeast [...]

Singtel’s road to workplace of the future

Gone were the days when the workplace was merely a physical space where employees bury their faces in laptops, typing frantically away from nine to five. In this modern age with internet technology and a highly mobile workforce, employees are [...]

Humans of JustCo: Farah Hood

Whether your office is planted in the heart of the CBD, or in the friendly neighbourhood of Jurong East, the one thing in common between JustOffice and JustCo co-working space is they are taken care of by a group of unsung heroes; [...]

Startup Grind hosts Burpple’s Dixon Chan: how a CEO’s food cravings led to startup success

Have you ever encountered those craving moments for your favourite meal and had no idea where and how to find them?. Moments like these are pretty crucial as your mood is defined by the food that you eat! Or so [...]

A varied community of likeminded individuals and business to collaborate with

We’re very proud of our members at JustCo. Their passion, hard work and creative ideas are the lifeblood of our community and make JustCo a vibrant, exciting and fun place to work. Why face the tough challenges of growing your […]

JustCo member Jon Lin Shiyang of mClinica listed on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list

JustCo congratulates JustCommunity member Jon Lin Shiyang, CFO of mClinica on being listed on the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia list. Only released once per year, the prestigious list presents the class of 2017, made up of the brightest young entrepreneurs, breakout talents […]

Barre & Fitness by Called To The Barre

Zumba, Pole Dancing, Pilates, Belly Dancing are just the tip of the iceberg of popular fitness classes across the years. Exercise is often relegated to being a hobby, obsession, or a chore. Certainly, it can be any and all of […]

BiTS Workshop: Invoice Financing for Startups and SMEs

Invoice financing. What a mouthful indeed! Invoice financing helps businesses improve cash flow, pays suppliers and employees, and reinvest in operations and growth earlier than they could if they had to wait until their customers paid them. This is the [...]

Hotdesking Sharing Session: Growth Strategies Beyond Facebook Ads

Event: BEYOND FACEBOOK ADS: Digital Growth-Hacking Strategies by Unicorn Factory Sg Digital Marketing has been the buzz word for quite some time now, but who is the real expert and how we do exactly manoeuvre in the multifaceted online world? Questions and […]

Microsoft & DocuSign Event: Reinventing Productivity for the Modern Workplace

Speed and flexibility are the keys to efficiency, smooth workflow, and productivity. Undoubtedly, this is one of the ways to beating out the competition. The partnership of Microsoft and DocuSign further helps organizations keep business digital, and leverages the power […]

NTUC U Startup Day

Define startup. Most of us would think startups equates to tech companies, as though the two are inherently intertwined. That is not often the case. But if one is generating revenues below $20 million, have less than 80 employees, and […]

SheSays Workshop – Breaking Barriers For Women in Film and Animation

Camera! Lights! Action! What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of box office movies, red carpet and glamorous award ceremonies? Undoubtedly, we will have an image of a glamorous female actress looking oh-so immaculate, […]

Relishing The First Mover Advantage

Vibhanshu Bahuguna is the Regional Manager, APAC of TradAir and a very special JustCo member. He was the first ever member to take up a JustCo dedicated desk back in September 2015 and has been with the JustCommunity ever since. And being […]

Empowering Everyday People to Manage Their Wealth in a Simple, Cost-Effective, and Intelligent Way

The financial landscape has transformed dramatically over the last 10 years, following the global economic crisis and rise of tech in business. But despite the progress, many of the same questions still remain for consumers… How do you get the […]

Helping Startups in Asia, Together with My Family

If you’re a member of JustCo or JustOffice, chances are that you already know Lu Liu, Head of Operations, Regional. Lu’s primary focus is on creating a signature JustCo and JustOffice experience with uncompromising service standards, one which consistently delivers […]

Red Dot Cinema Vol.2 @ JustCo 6 Raffles Quay

What is a perfect way to end a busy and hectic week? Enjoying a handful of buttery goodness and savoring the taste of pure popcorn perfection while watching a fine-curated selection of inspiring Asian short films in a cozy, private […]

Fitness First Workshop: Benefits of Exercise

A healthy mind can lead us to a healthy body – and a much happier life. Fitness First started motivating many since 1993 when first club opened in Bournemouth in the south of England. Today, they are one of the […]

TCS x JustCo’s Change Talks – Relationship Changes: Matters Of The Heart

Let’s be honest. Embracing change is hard. It simply means getting out of our comfort zone. Good news is that accepting changes is not really a difficult skill to cultivate. Changes are definitely inevitable. By altering our way of life, […]

Chinese New Year Celebration Gathering

Pretty Chinese New Year decorations peppered JustCo’s premises. Even though it was a few days after the first day of Chinese New Year itself, the festive mood was still felt and seen. Community members were seen decked in their festive […]

JustCo Member’s Show & Tell by CreativesAtWork @ 6 Raffles Quay

So what’s a freelancer? There are plenty of definitions for it from “contract worker” to “self-employed”. But the real differences are seen when you checked under the hood – Mindset, Lifestyle and Skills differentiate a freelancer from a regular employee. […]

SheSays Workshop – The Women of the Tech Revolution

Naturally when one thinks of tech, one would think that it is a male – dominated industry. The revolution of tech has seen a drastic hike in the number of women in the workforce especially in the recent years. To […]

The Ironman Coach Helping People Avoid Misdiagnosis

Most people will be misdiagnosed at least once in their life according to research by the Institute of Medicine. These mistakes not only cost patients time and money but could also cause serious harm. In US and Europe it’s common […]

Global South Workshop: Expanding Into Emerging Markets

It is an epitome of East Meets West for Global South’s event on the 18th January 2017 at JustCo 120 Robinson Road. Adrian Avendano, who grew up in the bustling city of New York, founded Global South. An avid traveller […]

Called To The Barre Fitness @ 6 Raffles Quay

Looking to hit up a different kind of workout regime for your 2017? Called to The Barre will definitely interest you with their workout session that combines Yoga, Pilates and Ballet. This new fitness will get you engaged with your […]

JustCo Christmas Party @ 120 Robinson Road

It’s Christmas time again and it’s that time of the year when we are all set to party. 2016 marks our second year celebrating Christmas at our cool premise. The party had a mix of fun, games and of course […]

JustCo Christmas Party @ 6 Raffles Quay

During this festive season, we would like to spread the love, peace and joy to all our fabulous JustCommunity members. And what better way to do that than by having a Christmas Celebration at JustCo @ 6 Raffles Quay. It […]

JustGroup Crew’s Show & Tell: The Must-Have Makeup Look – Transition from Nude to Smokey Makeup!

The third JustGroup Crew’s Show & Tell event was held on 8 December 2016 at the JustCo @ 6 Raffles Quay. Themed “The Must Have Makeup Look: Transition from Nude to Smokey Makeup!”, the session provided participants with opportunities to […]

JustGroup Crew’s Show & Tell: U-Jam Fitness® :Let the Music Drive You

The much-anticipated JustGroup Crew’s Show & Tell: U-Jam Fitness class organized by JustGroup and conducted by JustCo’s very own Sharlene Ann Poh, was held on 30 November at JustCo @ 120 Robinson Road. The 60-minute workout is more than just […]

JustGroup Crew’s Show & Tell: Meditation Through Art

Here at JustGroup, we’re very proud of our staff and hope you’ll agree that they help make it the very special place that it is. But there’s more… Many of our staff have other creative talents and interest that maybe […]

JustCo 1st Birthday Party @ 120 Robinson Road!

It’s been an amazing 12 months at our very first JustCo coworking space and we’re so glad you’ve spent it with us. JustCo @ 120 Robinson Road opened its doors for the very first time in September 2015. And it’s […]

Lazada Singapore Co-Founder & COO Reveals – One Simple Thing That Will Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Earlier this year, Global Brain hosted an exciting and informative panel discussion at our coworking event space at JustCo @ 6 Raffles Quay about the future of e-commerce in South East Asia. The event was very popular with the many entrepreneurs and start […]