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Hot Desks and Shared Office Space

Fully furnished with all the amenities and office equipment you need to get inspired and be productive on the job, JustCo Indonesia’s hot desking areas empower you to collaborate and innovate with your team members. Want to have a feel of our hot desks? Book a tour and have a look at our shared office yourself!

What is Hot Desking?

Let’s get definitions out of the way. What does “hot desking” mean?

The concept of a hot desk workspace refers to an arrangement where individuals are able to work at an unused desk (or a ‘hot’ desk) at any point in time instead of having one assigned work desk.

Hot desks and coworking spaces have been rapidly gaining ground in numerous locations including Indonesia for their business advantages. These spaces have the ability to connect people from different industries and walks of life as well as their flexible rental and working arrangements.

Why Use JustCo’s Hot Desks?

Here at JustCo Indonesia, we make hot desking work for any business.

Whether you are a startup, running your business solo, or managing a small team, rest assured that we’ve got your back!

We offer a variety of packages and membership perks for all members in our network to enjoy. Not to mention our spaces have the business solutions any firm would need to be productive and motivated. From ergonomic furniture, high-speed broadband access, professional meeting rooms, and audio-visual equipment, we aim to inspire all businesses to reach for their goals.

Experience better collaboration & productivity, maximum flexibility, and countless networking opportunities when you use our hot desks.

Start Hot Desking with JustCo

We have coworking spaces situated in Jakarta’s city centres in numerous other locations. Book a tour to view our hot desks up close today.