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Coworking Spaces Strategize to Seize Opportunities in the Middle of COVID-19 Pandemic

| July 2020 |

In an interview with Bisnis Indonesia, Brandon Chia – Vice President and Head, Singapore and Indonesia, shared about the impact of COVID-19 on JustCo in the Indonesia market, as well as the strategies and guidelines JustCo has set in place to overcome the crisis and transit to new economic recovery. To read the full article, kindly click here.


JustCo introduces JustCo Campus, enabling members and public to learn, consult, and connect from anywhere

{:id} | Jul 2020 | As featured on: JustCo – perusahaan co-working terkemuka di Asia Pasifik memperkenalkan JustCo Campus, sebuah kegiatan pembelajaran yang bertujuan untuk bekerjasama dengan para pemimpin masa depan dan memfasilitasi berkembangnya jejaring bisnis. Dalam kemitraan [...]...

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Design and Tell: How JustCo as a New-age Business Integrates Phygital Strategies into Its Co-working Spaces

| April 2020 | Full podcast on Design and Tell can be heard here. Phygital business will define the 'new normal'. Among these, coworking space providers such as JustCo have gone mainstream and are sprouting all over Asian cities. In [...]...

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