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Decreasing Office Occupancy Does Not Affect Co-Working Space

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| Jan 2020 |

Decreasing Office Occupancy Does Not Affect Co-Working Space

JustCo is optimistic that there will be further growth in demand from established and growing technology companies,, JAKARTA – If you look at office property trends that are predicted to decline this year, providers of work space with JustCo are even more optimistic about facing 2020.

JustCo Indonesia General Manager Michael Sim said that this year the co-working space industry was actually able to penetrate boundaries that hinder the growth of the office market so far.

“There is still plenty of room for co-working space to grow in Asia, which only absorbs 5 percent of all office property,” Michael told Bisnis via e-mail on Sunday (1/12/2020).

Michael explained that JustCo had just posted a sizable demand growth from several large companies such as Fortune 500 because they saw the added value of using flexible office space.

“Using co-working space is considered to be more cost-effective, supports closer cooperation between workers and opportunities for greater collaboration. These factors can drive success for individuals and companies, “said Michael.

Meanwhile, the more here, property owners are also more confident to use the empty spaces they have to be used as work space together.

When seeing a decline in investment trends for startups or startups, especially in the field of technology, Michael said that there was no major impact felt by managers of flexible office space.

According to Michael, shared workspaces are not only provided for startups, but can also be used individually for freelancers of small and medium-sized businesses. These sectors also contribute a significant amount of demand to flexible office spaces.

Furthermore, if you look at the development of the property market in Jakarta, JustCo is optimistic that there will be further growth in demand from established and developing technology companies, from startups and also SMEs who prefer to work in flexible workspaces.

“In addition to being flexible in terms of use of its space, co-working spaces like us also offer a variety of facilities such as fast internet, competitive rental rates and easy contracts, and easy access to other branches and even overseas,” he said.

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