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Design and Tell: How JustCo as a New-age Business Integrates Phygital Strategies into Its Co-working Spaces

| April 2020 |

Full podcast on Design and Tell can be heard here.

Phygital business will define the ‘new normal’. Among these, coworking space providers such as JustCo have gone mainstream and are sprouting all over Asian cities. In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Faith Soh, Head of Innovation & Partnerships at Justco, and Sylvia Bay, Design Director at Justco, on how they conceptualize and implement their flagship products and services such as JustCo Lab, Future of Work and the JustCo App, and on all the work that goes in constructing these hotspots of productivity and new-age business.

Coworking Spaces Strategize to Seize Opportunities in the Middle of COVID-19 Pandemic

{:id} | Jul 2020 | Dalam sebuah wawancara dengan Bisnis Indonesia, Brandon Chia – Vice President & Head, Singapura dan Indonesia, berbagi tentang dampak COVID-19 pada JustCo di Indonesia, serta strategi dan pedoman yang telah ditetapkan oleh JustCo untuk mengatasi [...]...

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JustCo launches relief package to support more than 3,000 companies across the region

{:id} As featured on: Property Terkini | April 2020 | JustCo, salah satu penyedia co-working space terkemuka di Asia Pasifik hari ini mengumumkan paket bantuan jutaan dolar dalam bentuk potongan harga membership sebanyak 15-30% untuk Mei 2020, komitmen merupakan [...]...

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