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JustCo, the leading co-working company in Asia Pacific continues to drive success to enterprise businesses in Jakarta

30 Jul 2020

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JustCo, the leading co-working company in the Asia Pacific, continues to drive the Future of Work by bringing cost-effective workspace solutions to small, medium and large businesses in Jakarta, despite predictions of declining office trends in the market. Today, many global fast-growing enterprises such as Coway, Dable, and VMWare are appreciating the benefits and value-add that JustCo brings; from maximum lease flexibility, extensive networking opportunities to community engagement programs at JustCo.

In recent years, with the evolving workplace culture and needs, the market for shared workspaces has become high in demand, where there is an evident trend of large companies starting to adopt the new way of working. As a result, more than 50% of JustCo clients are from large enterprises – which is an increase from 25% since JustCo’s foray into Jakarta in 2018.

“At Coway, every day is a dynamic and exciting one for us. With our rapid expansion, we are constantly looking out for workspaces that offer flexibility, connectivity, regional access, networking opportunities and more. JustCo workspaces have been great in meeting our team’s needs – be it the ability to work from any JustCo centres whenever our teams travel for business, collaboration spaces or breakout area to drive brainstorming sessions, on-demand booking of meeting rooms via the JustCo App and also specially curated events to keep our employees engaged with the community,” says Jason Jeon, Chief Financial Officer, PT. Coway International Indonesia.

With JustCo’s ever-growing community of 25,000 members across the Asia Pacific, businesses can stay connected via the JustCo App by utilising the Just Connect feature to collaborate and seek connections across the regional JustCo community. The mobile app also serves as a virtual passport for members to enjoy seamless access to JustCo centres in the Asia Pacific, book meeting rooms at any centre, sign up for exclusive events, access exclusive perks, and more.

“As a fast-growing company, JustCo’s one-stop workspace solution has provided us with maximum flexibility, convenience, and necessary day-to-day business support. When we expanded our footprint from Korea to Indonesia, the workspace configuration and office setup were managed by JustCo’s professional team who fully understood our needs and requirements. The process of moving in was also smooth and hassle-free, which made settling into a foreign location simpler and faster. Being new to the Indonesian market, the JustCo App also allowed us to establish a stronger presence as we could easily connect and collaborate with other like-minded businesses within the community,” says Hoyoung Lee, Country Manager, Dable Inc.

JustCo’s Enterprise 360 Solution allows large corporates to customise bespoke workspaces based on their real estate needs. The Enterprise 360 solutions are a one-stop-shop that offers workspace solutions with enhanced user experience by understanding members’ operational needs in the long run, as well as interior designs based on every company’s corporate brand guide.

“In today’s volatile business landscape, many companies are opting for short-term leases instead of long-term commitments as they are aware of the importance to adapt to different situations. This will also allow businesses to right-scale their operations whenever required. Jakarta remains a strong market for JustCo as many enterprises find our fully furnished offices ideal for their business, eliminating the challenges and hassle of office fit-outs and space management,” says Brandon Chia, Vice President & Head, Singapore and Indonesia.

Besides offering effective workspace solutions, JustCo also continues to foster a culture of collaboration among members by organising specially curated community events and engagement programmes. In today’s age of remote working and isolation, JustCo has also introduced the new JustCo Campus, JustCo Cares and JustCo Plus initiatives to keep its community well-engaged and connected – allowing members to establish connections and collaborate with other individuals and businesses across the globe.