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Meeting Rooms

JustCo Credits Package

Meeting Room Package

Having trouble holding productive meetings in cafes? Feeling like you need a quiet space for a couple of hours to concentrate on deep work? Unsure what your plans are looking like for the next couple of months? Purchase our flexible $1-for-1 credits package to be used for any meeting room or event space in our centres – as a bonus, we’re giving you additional credits with purchase! Complete the form to find out more!

Stylish and Versatile Meeting Rooms in Indonesia for Dynamic Teams

With more organisations hopping on the remote work bandwagon, finding suitable meeting rooms to collaborate becomes a necessity. Whether you’re collaborating with teammates, meeting clients, or looking for a quiet space to get work done, renting a meeting room is an easily accessible solution.

Strategically located across prime business districts in Indonesia, our meeting rooms are well-equipped, accessible, and designed for a variety of functions as well as group sizes. View our plans and pricing for smart co-working solutions.

Perks of Renting a Meeting Room

JustCo’s meeting rooms in Jakarta are the perfect spots to host client meetings and embark on your next  collaboration with clients. As a premium co-working space, we understand the importance of having the right meeting spaces for different needs. Rent a meeting room from JustCo Indonesia to enjoy these benefits:


Finding a meeting room of the right size can be challenging. Renting from JustCo gives you that flexibility and convenience, without compromising the quality. Our rooms are  pay-per-use so you only pay for what you need.


Save on paying for space that you don’t need all year round and maximise value with fully-furnished meeting rooms. Suitable for both established businesses and start-ups, our meeting rooms are perfect for client meetings.


Whiteboards, high-speed internet, and TV screens – we have all the required equipment ready for your perusal. A well-serviced room is your key to holding successful meetings and dynamic collaborations.

Rent A Meeting Room in Jakarta

Each of JustCo’s coworking locations include a selection of meeting rooms available to host your client sessions, team meetings, and workshops. From high-speed internet access to audio visual setup and whiteboards, our meeting rooms are an ideal solution for professionals in Jakarta. Open to bookings from members and non-members, your guests will also be warmly greeted by our friendly community team upon arrival.

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Event Spaces

Book one of our event spaces for your next seminar, conference, product launch or networking event.

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