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Members Perks

{:id}Penawaran eksklusif dari berbagai lifestyle brand, bisnis, dan pelayanan pilihan{:}{:en}Exclusive deals with a range of selected lifestyle, business and service brands{:}

Life Simplified

Collaboration is not just about work. It’s also about bringing together people from different companies & backgrounds to take a pause from the daily grind to chill & have fun. That is why we have negotiated a number of amazing partnership deals to simplify and enrich our members’ lives.

Some of our partners

JustCo members can scale up their businesses on cloud with exclusive USD5,000 AWS Promotional Credits, 1 year of business support and more.

A secure, fast and reliable cloud hosting service offering JustCo members 50% off with free domain, migration service and premium WordPress theme.

An AI-powered creative ideas platform, JustCo members receive a free basic logo package, 50% off premium logo package or free videomaker credits.

JustCo members get to enjoy 20% off premium on selected plans.

With the most convenient booking platform, JustCo members enjoy 10% off at more than 10,000 beauty services.

JustCo members enjoy 10% off farm-fresh and organic groceries and free delivery.

Preferential corporate rates for room bookings in a fully serviced and luxurious apartment block in the heart of Jakarta.

Exclusive 5-day complimentary trial at the finest lifestyle club that promotes healthy & active living.

Why Partner With JustCo?

JustCo has the largest co-working community in Singapore, with an ambition to be the leading shared workplace provider in Asia by 2020 by building its presence in all the key Asian cities.


With a growing network of members in different countries, we constantly strive to ‘make work better’ by redefining collaborative working and connecting businesses in open and creative workspaces. As a JustCo member, you get to meet new clients and audiences, along with opportunities to expand into new markets and promote your services and products to some of the most dynamic and fastest growing companies in Asia.

Lead Generation

We have more than 100,000 members made up of talented and creative individuals, entrepreneurs, growing and established businesses.

Strong Client Relationship

Get up close & personal through events & one-to-one sessions held in our stylish coworking spaces.

Ongoing Exposure

Make new business connections and create awareness for your brand through seminars, guest speaking events and networking socials at our JustCo spaces.