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Private Office Space for Rent

Newer ways of working call for more flexible solutions. Instead of traditional offices, more business owners, freelancers, and the like are opting for serviced offices or coworking spaces. For businesses that want more structure and exclusivity, the private office space is your best bet.

Our private offices are ideal for businesses that want specific solutions catered to their teams. Fully-equipped and serviced, the private office space is perfect for unhindered productivity. Plus, you get to access JustCo’s provision of amenities in the shared spaces as well.

Why Choose JustCo?

From hot-desking to private office spaces, JustCo offers a wide range of workspace solutions for budding entrepreneurs, freelancers, and established organisations looking for diverse and innovative ways of working. Our coworking and shared office space solutions are perfect for flexible and dynamic work styles.

Amenities and services

Our private office spaces comes fully equipped with all the amenities and facilities you’ll need. When you rent our private office solutions, you’re taking the hassle of buying new office furniture and equipment out of the equation. Get started on work immediately with these move-in ready office spaces.


Perfect for growing businesses, our private office for rent eliminates unnecessary overhead costs and traditional  office lease prices. Thoughtfully-designed with essential services, our solutions are affordably priced priced, allowing you to scale at a comfortable pace as your business grows. Enterprises can offer employees with private workspace studios without worrying about customisation while start-ups can leverage coworking solutions that don’t come with hefty rental price tags.

Access to a global community

JustCo members also get access to a global community. Our members are presented with the opportunity to network and connect with like-minded professionals. Our private office spaces also comes with additional perks such as shared amenities, exclusive brand privileges, and organised community events.

Rent A Private Office Space

Leverage on our innovative and intelligently-designed private office spaces for work today. Enquire to learn more from our community management team.

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