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JustCo Indonesia Serviced Office Rental Solutions

We have 3 coworking centres across Jakarta that includes serviced office spaces for rent and we offer flexible and private workspace solutions to both small and large businesses. Fully equipped with all the facilities and equipment you need for a comfortable work environment, each serviced office space designed by JustCo aims to foster productivity and stimulate creativity for your team and guests.

Why rent a serviced office for your business in Jakarta

Looking for a serviced office for rent is a cost-effective strategy for businesses in Jakarta as this helps lower CAPEX and OPEX. Typically, businesses must set aside funds for lease on top of the refurbishment of a new office space not previously serviced. At times, there are hidden costs in lease agreements pertaining to, for instance, office equipment installation and maintenance. These can place a burden on businesses who will need to relook into budgets allocated for rental and operational costs to ensure they can continue operating in Jakarta.

JustCo Indonesia

JustCo helps to address such needs of businesses in Jakarta with its service office rental solutions. Each serviced office space put together by our team is fully-furnished with all the basic amenities businesses need on a daily basis. These include, but are not limited to, meeting rooms with varying sizes, high-quality ergonomically designed furniture, state-of-the-art technology and high-speed broadband access. Alongside these facilities, your team and guests are greeted with a spectacular level of service and hospitality by the community team.

JustCo Indonesia

Renting studio office space at JustCo coworking centres

Small businesses or new start-ups who may not require a large serviced office may opt for a small office space or suite rental at any JustCo coworking centre in Jakarta. Your team can collaborate in your designated private office space, yet enjoy a plethora of professional services from JustCo’s trusted business partners in Jakarta to help you grow your enterprise. At the same time, you can leverage the communal areas to network with like-minded coworking enthusiasts and find opportunities for growth. For more information on our studio office space, you may reach out to our team for more details or browse our plans.

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