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    Business Continuity Management & Solutions

    The importance of a business continuity plan, often abbreviated as BCP, shouldn’t be underestimated. Risks of interruption to businesses can come in various forms: physical, virtual, financial, and even reputation-based. Cyber attacks, extreme weather, and pandemics are some examples of business disruptions that necessitate office emergency planning.

    A business continuity plan offers management and employees with roadmaps to follow in the event of an emergency or disruption. It should allow the business to keep running operations at a minimum efficiency level as it finds its footing during a crisis. The lack of one can result in severe impact on an organisation’s productivity and recovery.

    Perks Of Choosing JustCo As Your Business Continuity Management Option

    With coworking office solutions in several locations across Jakarta, JustCo Indonesia boasts the ability to be part of a reliable business continuity solution provider. Fit with all the amenities your business will need to maintain efficiency and productivity levels, you can expect optimal service quality.

    Flexible workspace solutions are gaining popularity as a BCP option. With leases as short as 6 months, no long-term commitment is required as we understand change is key to pivoting your business in a disruptive climate such as the current. By working with a co-working space provider, hefty fixed costs and investments are avoided and you may plug and play anywhere in a JustCo centre of your choice, almost immediately.

    We recognise the importance of safe spaces, top-grade facilities, and quality technology support for any business. Our solutions are designed to support your business continuity management strategy:

    • Meeting rooms of various sizes to support deep work, collaboration, and meetings with external stakeholders
    • Business-grade printers and office supplies for daily operations
    • Reliable tech support for any IT-related issues

    Let Us Support Your BCP

    JustCo Indonesia’s coworking solutions are primed to support you in times of change and uncertainty. Well-furnished and operationally-ready, you can easily activate the solutions you need when the time comes, allowing your business to be agile and flexible in today’s global business environment.

    For more information on how we can support your business continuity plan, connect with our team. Read on to find out how the JustCo community can support your business goals.

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