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{:ja}内覧予約をする{:}{:en}Contact us to arrange a visit.{:}

{:ja}もしくは電話 +81 3 6453 0334{:}{:en}or call us at +81 3 6453 0344{:}



今、私たちの仕事の仕方が世界中で変化をしています。パンデミックの間、リモートワークは多くの組織にとって一時的な標準になりましたが、多くの人がこの体制のメリットを認識しています。 残されるのは、自主的 に変化を受け入れるかどうかの選択です。

Why big corporations in Singapore move to coworking spaces

The Global Coworking Growth Study reported that the number of coworking centres worldwide is expected to surpass 40,000 by 2024. At present, the Asia-Pacific region has the most shared workspaces in the world, with the highest average capacity of 114 [...]

Coworking vs WFH: Why a hot desk is better for freelancers

One of the biggest perks freelancers enjoy is having the autonomy to choose where they can work. Amid the many options, working from home tend to be a popular choice for obvious reasons - it's more accessible, comfortable and less [...]

{:id} Keterangan (searah jarum jam dari kiri atas): Laura Dawson dari JustCo Australia, Han Jin, Co-founder dari Lucid, Eileen Kamtawijoyo, COO & Co-founder dari Populix, Will Fan, Co-founder & CEO dari NewCampus, Pahrada Sapprasert, Director dari 500 TukTuks.  Sulit menjadi [...]

Co-working Spaces Promote Creativity and Innovation

Today, there’s a high premium placed on creativity and innovation, and co-working spaces are proving to be the best enabling environment for these skills to flourish.


5 surprising perks of hot-desking

Sheree McIntyre, Vice President and Head of JustCo Australia, highlights some of her favourite hot-desking perks and sheds light on the upside for businesses. People talk to each other Co-working spaces can be really social environments as well as spaces [...]

The psychological effect of the colour green

And 3 reasons why you need to have it at work   Think of the offices of many of the world’s most successful and innovative companies today and it’s likely that vertical gardens, lush landscaping, and green nooks also come to [...]