Meet the new sense of life through the living and working at the center of Tokyo

Two Singaporean brands, Co-Living brand “Hmlet” and Co-Working brand “JustCo”, with the support of Enterprise Singapore, are offering businesspeople living in Singapore the “Welcome to Japan Package”, a collaboration plan that allows them to experience new values through Japanese culture and lifestyle while living and working in the center of Tokyo.

Co-Living 「Hmlet」

Hmlet is a co-living brand started in Singapore in 2016. In Japan, Hmlet Japan was established in 2019 as part of the Mitsubishi Estate Group.   

Nicely furnished rooms are available from one month. All rooms are pre-contracted with electricity, gas, and water, and provide you to start a comfortable new life from the day you move in.

Hmlet’s unique feature is that you can enjoy new experiences while living. With a variety of events, you can explore cultures such as arts and traditional crafts, attend networking events. You will find value and experiences there that go beyond simply living in the apartment.

Hmlet currently has 24 locations in central Tokyo (as of Feb 2023). All of the locations are in close proximity to stations for convenient transportation within Tokyo, and have excellent access to major terminal stations such as Tokyo, Shinjuku, and Shibuya.

Hmlet Office Website

Co-Working 「JustCo」

Founded in Singapore in 2011, JustCo is Asia’s leading flexible workspace provider with over 40 centres in 9 cities across Asia Pacific, and a growing community of 100,000 members. In Japan, JustCo DK Japan K.K. operates premium coworking spaces and rental offices with over 400 seats in high-grade office buildings directly connected to Tokyo’s major terminal stations. 

All JustCo co-working centers are directly connected to major terminal stations in Tokyo. JustCo Gran Tokyo South Tower is connected to Tokyo station which is located within an hour from Narita and Haneda Airports by direct airport expresses and buses, and the Shinkansen station for major local cities in Japan such as Osaka and Sendai. JustCo Shinjuku Miraina Tower is connected to Shinjuku Station which has the largest number of passengers in the world, and Shibuya Station which is popular as the center of Japanese culture.

JustCo Official Website

Hmlet x JustCo “Welcome to Japan Package”

From 1 month to 6 months or longer, we offer special discounts for the length of your stay.You can choose any combination of room only, working space only, or a set of room and working space.

Interview with initiator of the Welcome to Japan project

What is the objective of Enterprise Singapore Japan office?

The objective of Enterprise Singapore Japan office is to assist the internationalization of Singapore companies, create co-innovation partnerships between Singapore startups and Japanese corporates, and to strengthen the trade linkages between Singapore and Japan. By doing so, we seek to support the expansion of Singapore businesses and strengthen the business relationship between Singapore and Japan. We achieve this by connecting businesses to create mutually beneficial partnerships.

How did you come up with an idea of this collaboration project?

Part of our assistance in the internationalization of Singapore companies is to lower the bar of entry into Japan. This bar of entry is not only introducing Japanese corporates for partnership opportunities, but it can also by in other difficulties such as logistics. Office space and housing are often seen as secondary issues, but when confronted by these issues, it can be a cause of frustration. This is where I came up with the idea that a collaboration between JustCo and Hmlet could provide a solution. What we want to do in Japan is to create an ecosystem where Singapore companies can help each other, to mutually benefit from each other and to succeed in Japan as Team Singapore.

What kind of output do you expect from this collaboration project?

I hope that the Japan Welcome Package will lower the barrier to entry in Japan and encourage the internationalization of Singapore companies who are considering expanding to Japan. Furthermore, I hope that through this collaboration project, Singapore companies can use their strengths to assist each other and to create a concerted effort in the expansion in Japan. Not just through this collaboration project, but by using this project by JustCo and Hmlet as the starting point for all Singapore companies in Japan to exchange ideas, networks, and to assist each other. We are all from Singapore and as we collaborate, we strengthen each other to succeed in Japan.

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