Wednesday, February 1st 2023, JustCo GranTokyo South Tower will be opened at GranTokyo South Tower, directly connected to the Yaesu Exit of Tokyo Station.

Exceptional location overlooking Tokyo Station and Marunouchi area

GranTokyo is one of the tallest office buildings in Tokyo, consisting of a 43-storey North Tower and 42-storey South Tower. The offices overlook the Shinkansen bullet train and conventional train traffic, as well as the Marunouchi city skyline. 

In addition, Yaesu Midtown which will have its grand opening in March 2023, is right in front of the building. The location of JustCo at Gran Tokyo South Tower promises the best access to JR, Tokyo Metro, Shinkansen bullet trains, and airport express trains. 

Address: Gran Tokyo South Tower 11th fl, 1-9-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda ku, Tokyo 100-6611

Access: Directly connected to JR Tokyo Station (JR East, Tokyo Metro, Shinkansen-Tokai, Sanyo, Tohoku, Hokkaido, Akita, Yamagata, Joetsu, Hokuriku, Narita Airport express)

Premium is not just a look. Premium is a feeling. 

And it is something we want you to have at our newest centre at Gran Tokyo South Tower. Every furniture, lighting, décor and even the office layout are carefully curated for the best coworking experience. 

All offices come with lockable cabinets and 130-cm long desks that can accommodate two flat screen monitors. For quiet contemplation, there is a reading room as well. 

A dedicated community team is onsite during working hours to help you, as best as they can, with anything. JustCo at Gran Tokyo South Tower welcomes one and all. 

Up to 4 months free

Prior to the grand opening, we are offering up to 4 months free private office space. If you are considering setting up or relocating to a new office, consider JustCo at Gran Tokyo South Tower – a premium coworking space that combines elegance and comfort. 

Founded in Singapore in 2011, JustCo is Asia’s leading flexible workspace provider with over 40 centres in 9 cities across Asia Pacific, and a growing community of 100,000 members. In Japan, JustCo DK Japan K.K. was established as a joint venture with Daito Trust Construction Co. Ltd to operate premium coworking spaces and rental offices in high-grade office buildings directly connected to Tokyo’s major terminal stations. 

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