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Hot Desking in Tokyo

Are you thinking of setting up a business in Tokyo? Our coworking hot desk solutions provide an attractive option for those seeking a professional working space with all-inclusive services. Whether you’re a freelancer or a small start-up, a rising non-profit, or a larger business, JustCo’s flexible hot desk services are waiting to be used to your advantage.

What is Hot Desking?

Save on expensive leases and choose our hot desking solutions for your business needs in Tokyo. Renting a fully fitted private office space in Tokyo might not be the most realistic option for freelancers, small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to maximise their capital in areas other than office real estate. This is where the hot desk model becomes revolutionary.

Hot desking is a workspace solution where different individuals use desks at different times as and per their needs. Particularly popular among the self-employed and smaller companies, a growing number of larger enterprises have caught onto the benefits of hot desking and the ability of this modern working arrangement to generate innovation, collaboration and efficiency.

Why Choose JustCo for Your Hot desking Solutions?

Increase the productivity of your employees by choosing JustCo as your hot desking partner. Our flexible hot desking solutions provide teams and businesses with many advantages. Hot desking allows companies to:

  1. Foster greater innovation and increase communication between team members, or across different teams
  2. Cut down on costs associated with leasing, maintaining, and managing private office spaces in Tokyo
  3. Encourage networking and meaningful collaboration with like-minded professionals and diverse businesses
  4. Enjoy flexible and scalable hot desk plans tailored to your company’s size and growth

Our workspaces across Tokyo come fully fitted with high-quality ergonomically designed furniture, high-speed wireless internet access, reliable, state-of-the-art technology, as well as meeting rooms, event spaces and 24/7 access and security, among other benefits. We also offer mail handling, printing, and cleaning services.

Providing well-serviced spaces lies at the core of our mission as a hot desk provider. Workers, individuals and guests who come to our centres in Tokyo will experience the hospitality and quality customer service unique to a JustCo experience.

Get a Hot Desk in Tokyo with JustCo

Start hot desking at any one of our coworking centres in Tokyo of around the Asia Pacific. Choose from our array of flexible membership plans to find the one best suited for your business or individual needs. A JustCo plan also opens up access to a wide range of members perks, exclusive deals, and individual and corporate growth opportunities. Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page or reach out to the JustCo team to learn more about the hot desking solutions available for you today.


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