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JustCo at Shibuya Hikarie

JustCo at Shibuya Hikarie

Setting up a business in Japan and in need of an office to work in? Coworking spaces provide a professional environment for everyone, whether you are a freelancer, remote worker or running a small business in Japan. These are also attractive options for growing businesses who want to lower costs by avoiding hefty leases.

Rent JustCo at Shibuya Hikarie and Start Coworking with Us Today

JustCo at Shibuya Hikarie is strategically located at the heart of Shibuya, one of Tokyo’s most energetic districts that is home to large technology corporates, start-ups, and new ventures. As businesses increasingly seek for flexible work models, JustCo’s space at Shibuya Hikarie will support companies looking to implement hybrid work arrangements and work-from-anywhere policies. Shibuya Hikarie is a prime Grade A building that sits on top of Shibuya train station.


Highlights of the space include spacious collaboration areas, hot-desking spaces, private phone booths, quiet nooks, event space, and meeting rooms decked with video conferencing amenities to cater to both physical and virtual meetings. Members of this centre will also gain direct access to an extensive network of JustCo locations across nine gateway cities in Asia Pacific, offering a collaborative platform with meaningful networking opportunities.

JustDesk Unlimited

A flexible desk in a shared workspace is the equivalent of a hot desk. Take your pick of available desks and enjoy the full range of facilities.

JustDesk Dedicated

This dedicated desk in the shared workspace is all yours, giving you consistency every day.


Conduct your business in an exclusive studio that provides a private, secure and quiet workspace.

Contact us for more information and pricing details.

Why Consider Coworking Spaces for Your Business

A lot of businesses know how having an office can make a difference in leaving a lasting impression on clients, but they may not always be fully prepared for the costs associated with office fit-outs. To ease the load, coworking spaces offer a great way for businesses that require an office but do not have sufficient funds or individuals who just want more privacy than what cafes can offer them. Even for companies that are growing rapidly, coworking spaces allow you to cater to more employees without having to shift to another office. A fancy new office space may be out of your budget, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful and functional work environment.


With coworking spaces being a popular choice of rental offices, you can not only better focus on your work with your colleagues but also enjoy access to resources such as printers, meeting rooms, event spaces and more. For businesses looking for working spaces in Shimbashi, you can consider JustCo at Hikarie for your office needs.

Shibuya HIkarie 33F 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8510

Shibuya Hikarie

Directly connected to Shibuya station for: -JR and Keio Inokashira Lines on second floor -Tokyo Metro Ginza Line on first floor -B5 exit for Tokyu Toyoko & Denen Toshi Lines, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon & Fukutoshin Lines

Opening Jan 2022


Event Spaces

Versatile spaces for all types of events

Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms of various sizes for your private discussions, presentations and meetings

Private Phone Booths

Conduct calls and chats with added privacy


For the ease of not having to carry your belongings around all the time

Mother's Room

Nursing rooms in the comfort and privacy of the workspace

24/7 Access & Security

Access for you and your team anytime day or night

Mail Handling Services

Taking care of your mail delivery needs

High Speed Internet

Fast, secure & fuss-free wifi

IT Support

Technical help to fix computer-related issues

Printing Facilities and Office Supplies

Business-grade printers, photocopiers and well-stocked office supplies


Stocked with coffee, tea and water for you and your guests to enjoy

Cleaning Service

Our team of cleaners help keep the shared spaces, meeting rooms and private suites spotless

($) – additional charges applies



Networking sessions and events on a wide range of topics including business, tech, lifestyle & retail

Business Services

We curate a range of professional services from trusted business partners to help you grow your business

Exclusive Promotions

We offer our members exclusive deals with a range of selected lifestyle brands

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{:ja}もしくは電話 +81 3 6453 0334{:}{:en}or call us at +81 3 6453 0344{:}

Our Team is Here to Help

JustCo’s dedicated community team continually strives to make work better by creating a personable and professional experience for our members!

Shogo Suzuki - Head of Japan


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