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JustCo to Open its first Flexible Workspace in Japan

| July 2021 |

As featured on:

  1. The Edge

JustCo, Asia’s leading ‘Space-as-a-Service’ provider, has signed an agreement with Tokyu Corporation to open JustCo’s first co-working centre in Tokyo, at Shibuya Hikarie. Targeted to open in January 2022, JustCo at Shibuya Hikarie is strategically located in the heart of Shibuya, the energetic Tokyo district that is home to many large technology corporates, start-ups and new ventures.

“The movement towards hybrid work arrangements is gathering pace. We are excited to be part of this movement in Japan,” said KONG Wan Sing, Founder and CEO of JustCo. “According to experts, over 20% of companies in Japan have indicated interest to pivot towards flexible work solutions by 20221. This reflects an increased appetite that will fuel the growth of the flexible workspace industry in Japan,” he added.

Tokyo’s Shibuya neighbourhood is a live-work-play hub that represents the best of what Tokyo brings as a global city of commerce and business. JustCo at Shibuya Hikarie will appeal to all businesses and companies looking to tap into Shibuya’s energy.

Members of this centre will also gain direct access to an extensive network of JustCo locations across nine gateway cities in Asia Pacific, offering a collaborative platform with meaningful networking opportunities.

“Businesses are increasingly seeking flexible work models to support hybrid work arrangements and work-from-anywhere policies. With JustCo’s flexible workspace at Shibuya Hikarie, tenants now have the option of complementing a traditional office with additional flexible workspace options. These “flex” options can be used for temporary headcount, specialized teams, or even innovation labs. We are confident that JustCo at Shibuya Hikarie will further reinforce the building’s position as an ideal office location,” said the PR Group of Tokyu Corporation.

In November 2019, JustCo entered the Japan market via a joint venture with Daito Trust, a leading construction and real estate company in Japan. As part of pre-launch efforts, JustCo at Shibuya Hikarie is now open for enquiries.


1Data source: CBRE Report: Japan ViewPoint – Tokyo Flexible Office Market, April 2021

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