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{:ja}もしくは電話 +81 3 6453 0334{:}{:en}or call us at +81 3 6453 0344{:}

JustDesk Basic

JustDesk Basic

With JustDesk Basic, entrepreneurs and new business owners benefit from a prestigious business address and all the services needed to get you started. A virtual office gives you a place to send and receive mail, a desk to work from once per month, the option of booking meeting rooms when needed, and access to a thriving community of peers who are also getting their business off the ground.

From at

¥ 15,000/mth

Or Visit Our Locations

One day per month from 9am - 6pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)
Choose any available seat in the shared workspace area
Premium business address, mail handling services, full use of amenities such as meeting rooms, printing services and IT support
Access to exciting events, networking sessions and discounted services from trusted providers including business, tech, lifestyle & retail offers


Our suite of services and amenities take care of all your business needs to let you get on with your work… or chillout in the games area or collaborations space.

Business Address

Premium business address


Book meeting rooms and facilities at any JustCo centre, locally and overseas

Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms of various sizes for your private discussions, presentations and meetings

Mail Handling

We take care of all your mail delivery needs

High Speed Internet

Fast, secure & fuss-free wifi

IT Support

Technical help to fix computer-related issues

Printing Facilities & Office Supplies

Business-grade printers, photocopiers and well-stocked office supplies


The JustCo membership comes with exclusive perks and privileges, curated by our team to make your business and personal lives richer and more rewarding.


Regular networking socials and exciting events on a wide range of topics including business, tech, lifestyle & retail

Business Services

We curate a range of professional services from trusted business partners to help you grow your business

Exclusive Promotions

We offer our members exclusive deals with a range of selected lifestyle brands

Virtual Office in Japan

In the past, companies spent a great deal of money on corporate office spaces to house their employees. But with the rise of cost-effective and flexible real estate solutions coupled with the changing demands of the modern workforce, more businesses are questioning the need to invest in a dedicated office space.


If you are, too, looking for a solution that can accommodate your needs for flexibility without doing away with all the perks of commercial property and amenities you need to thrive, virtual offices might just be the answer!

What Exactly is a Virtual Office?

Essentially, a virtual office refers to a business location in cyberspace. It’s a service that enables employees and business owners to work remotely from anywhere while still maintaining a prestigious business address which adds legitimacy and credibility to your business.


On top of that, virtual offices also offer a number of benefits for both employers and employees. These include:

  • Minimising expenditure and overhead costs: One of the most significant advantages of a virtual office is that they are a lot more cost-effective when compared to traditional offices. Eliminating the overhead costs associated with a rigid lease and other technology-related expenditure, businesses can use their budget more effectively.
  • Talent acquisition and retention: Attract top talents from Tokyo and all over the world. Whether they’re residing in Roppongi, Shimbashi, Toranomon or across the border, a virtual office allows you to hire a much larger talent pool without geographical constraints.
  • Offering the ability to scale up and down as needed: With immense flexibility, businesses can remain nimble and agile as it undergoes growth and transformations. A virtual office gives businesses the option to relocate to a new area without having to worry about any burdensome contracts and commitments.

Rent a Virtual Office with JustCo Japan

From just ¥ 15,000/mth, businesses of all sizes can now benefit from our dynamic work solution. When you rent a virtual office with JustCo Japan, you not only get access to all the amenities, support and perks necessary for business growth, you also get to be part of a vibrant and diverse community. Get in touch with us today!


Do I have access to all other JustCo centres locally and overseas?

Yes, as a JustCo member, you have access to all JustCo centres during business hours, locally and overseas.

Do I have 24/7 access to my JustCo centre?

For JustDesk Basic, the once a month access is during business hours only.

Is there a minimum contract term?

The rates share are based on a typical 12 months commitment term. We also cater for flexible lease term. Please contact us to find out more.

Can I transfer my membership to another centre during my contract period?

Yes, approach your Sales Manager(s) will help you do so.

What security measures does JustCo have in place to protect members and their property?

Security is very important to us. All members are issued with a JustCo card to access common areas and their office. Each centre is equipped with a 24-hours CCTV monitoring system. All entrances and exits, including meeting rooms, are locked at all times and access is only possible using an access card. For added security, all visitors are greeted by our front desk before they proceed to their meeting venue.

When can I contact the Community team?

You can contact your centre Community team during business hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 6pm, excluding weekends and public holidays.

How do I access all JustCo amenities and perks?

The JustCo App is your gateway to the JustCo Community at the touch of your fingertips. With the JustCo App, you can check out exclusive member perks and events, book your meeting rooms, view your bill, connect with other members, and much more. You can download the JustCo App in both the iOS App Store and in the Google Play Store. For any other needs, you may approach your Community Manager(s).

How often do you organize events?

We have regular events across all centres. You are welcome to join any event at any JustCo centre.

What are the payment terms?

For the JustDesk Basic, you are required to pay in full the complete term of your contract period in advance.

Are all utility charges included?

Yes, all utility fees are included.

Is meeting room usage included in the membership?

There is a pay-per-use fee for meeting room usage, depending on the centre and meeting room size. You may approach your Community Manager(s) to find out more.

How can I book a meeting room?

If you are a member, you can book any meeting room through the JustCo App. If you are not a member, follow the link here to book a room.

Is Internet connectivity part of the plan?

We offer high speed internet as part of the plan, based on fair usage policies.

What kind of office furnishing do you provide?

We source only high quality chairs and tables to make your working environment more comfortable and productive. Our chairs are ergonomically-friendly and our desks are spacious.

What is the pantry policy?

JustCo members can help themselves to complimentary coffee and tea and are free to use the microwave, fridge, water dispenser and other utilities available for members.