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{:ja}もしくは電話 +81 3 6453 0334{:}{:en}or call us at +81 3 6453 0344{:}

JustCo Japan Serviced Office

Whether you are looking to cut out the initial capital outlays inherent in conventional leases, rent a satellite office space that’s centrally located or simply need a solution that provides you with the flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions, a serviced office is what you need to flourish.

Over the years, serviced offices have become an increasingly popular option not only among lean start-ups and small businesses, but also enterprises and large multinational companies. Unlike traditional offices, serviced offices are pay-as-you-use office spaces that come fully furnished and well-equipped with all the amenities and infrastructure a business needs for seamless operation from the go. With high-speed broadband access, ergonomically designed furniture, top-notch mail handling support, and utilities, among other add-ons like meeting rooms and event spaces available at no hidden costs, businesses can maximise every resource they have at their disposal, plan their budget more effectively and stabilise their monthly outgoings.

Why Rent a Serviced Office With JustCo Japan?

From office layout to branding and beyond, each serviced office space at JustCo Japan can be uniquely tailored to your business’ ever-evolving needs and requirements. Scale along with business growth by making the switch to bigger office space, or opt to downsize any time without a rigid lease tying you down.

Besides, all serviced offices at JustCo Japan are optimised with swipe card access for unparalleled security and fitted with high-density office partitions, offering you the degree of privacy you need to conduct confidential meetings or anything in between.

For those who crave networking, serviced offices offer plenty of networking opportunities, even with privacy. With communal areas for entertainment and respite such as breakout spaces and pantry, you can effortlessly strike up conversations with a community of like-minded coworking enthusiasts, share ideas with one another and explore business opportunities together. If that’s not enough, you can also tap into our community events to elevate your networking game.

Want to find out more about our serviced office space? Feel free to reach out to our team by filling up the form below. Ready to get started? Browse our plans here!