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{:ja}もしくは電話 +81 3 6453 0334{:}{:en}or call us at +81 3 6453 0344{:}

Shared Offices in Japan

If you’re a small business owner, you’ve probably considered renting an office, but the cost may be more than your budget can accommodate. In fact, office space rental and fit-out can be a major expense for most companies in Japan. But, what if you are able to get the same amount of office space with lower costs?

Shared offices are an excellent way to reduce your monthly outgoings while still enjoying all the benefits of a traditional office. These flexible working spaces are the perfect solution for entrepreneurs on a budget, but want to work in a professional environment with other like-minded individuals in Japan. Learn how shared offices offer you all of these benefits without the high price tag!

How Shared Offices Work

If you are new to the idea of coworking spaces, the first thing to know is that you will be able to work in a location with a prestigious business address and rent within the time period you require. This means that you don’t need to pay for long-term leases or buy furniture outright, which can all add up to be a huge sum. Instead, with flexible plans to select from, you only pay for whatever time you need in the office.

These stylish and fashionable shared offices also come equipped with conference rooms, event spaces and other amenities like high-speed internet access – everything you could possibly find in a fully-equipped office.

The best part is, situated in popular business districts like Toranomon, your shared office will be easily accessible to employees living in Shimbashi, Roppongi, Akasaka and other neighbourhoods. With JustCo, our coworking spaces will soon become your go-to workspace for all your business needs.

Rent Shared Workspaces with JustCo Today

From startup businesses to even large corporations in Japan, JustCo has the space you need! When you rent a shared office with JustCo Japan, you not only get access to all the amenities, support and perks necessary for business growth, you also get to be part of a vibrant and diverse community. At just ¥ 15,000/mth, it is simple and hassle-free to make the transition to coworking spaces. Ready to get started? Browse our plans here!