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JustCo collaborates with Enterprise Singapore and ASEAN-Japan Centre on pilot initiative to provide co-working support for Singapore firms entering Japan

08 Mar 2023

Tokyo, Japan, Mar 8, 2023 – JustCo, Asia’s leading flexible workspace provider, announced today that it will provide targeted co-working support for eligible Singapore firms venturing into Japan, through the “Welcome to Japan” pilot initiative. With this additional layer of support, Singapore firms can look forward to a smoother entry process into the Japan market, without having to worry whether they are able to secure workspaces at an ideal location.

As part of the new “Welcome to Japan” pilot supported by Enterprise Singapore (EnterpriseSG) and ASEAN-Japan Centre, JustCo will work alongside companies such as Singapore co-living brand Hmlet and global brand activation consultant PICO to provide specialised assistance to support Singapore firms who are preparing to expand into the Japan market. This pilot initiative seeks to lower the barrier to entry and encourage more firms to seize business opportunities in Japan post-pandemic.

Under this pilot initiative, JustCo will partner Hmlet to offer an exclusive “Welcome2Japan Package”. Eligible Singapore firms looking for co-working spaces, co-living spaces or a combination of both in Tokyo will get to enjoy friendly rates under this initiative. With instant access to reliable professionals like JustCo and Hmlet, Singapore firms can save the hassle of locating suitable service providers for their office or housing needs in the preparation stages. This will significantly reduce the barrier to entry into Japan and help the firm free up more resources for business development in the new market.

The introduction of the “Welcome to Japan” pilot initiative rides on the back of a strong rebound in business travel across Asia Pacific. As Singapore firms gradually reactivate their overseas expansion plans, many are eyeing potential markets in Asia, including Japan.

As a Singapore home-grown enterprise backed by GIC, JustCo has worked with multiple stakeholders across Asia Pacific over the past decade to expand our co-working footprint in the region and benefited greatly from these public and private partnerships. Moving forward, JustCo will continue to be a reliable partner and value creator in the regional ecosystem by working with like-minded stakeholders like EnterpriseSG and ASEAN-Japan Centre to accelerate and assist the entry of Singapore firms into Japan. Such collaborations will go a long way in further strengthening the professional network of Singapore firms in Japan and in turn create more opportunities for Singapore entrepreneurs to collaborate, leverage each other’s expertise and support each other’s growth in Japan and the wider Asia Pacific.

JustCo’s flexible workspace solution will also provide Singapore firms the flexibility to scale up in Asia Pacific whenever opportune. “JustCo’s network of over 40 centres located in nine gateway cities across Asia Pacific will provide members access to quality co-working spaces that facilitates connection and collaboration with stakeholders in the region,” said Shogo Suzuki, General Manager of JustCo DK Japan.

“Together with EnterpriseSG, ASEAN-Japan Centre and other Singapore firms in Japan, JustCo hopes to be part of a mutually supportive ecosystem where different parties can leverage each other’s strength to achieve success,” added Suzuki.

Interested parties may indicate your interest and find out more about this pilot via