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Enabled by JustCo

Enabled by JustCo

If you need a large space or a whole floor to house your entire HQ team, or you need temporary accommodation while upsizing, downsizing, renovating or relocating, we can help you source, plan and build the space. You will be leveraging on our real estate expertise, our understanding of the local landscape, and our expertise in project management; skills and experience that have allowed us to become one of the largest coworking operators in Asia Pacific.

Our expertise don’t just stop at getting the space you need, but it also extends to managing and organsing the community and space. We have helped conceptualize and execute innovation communities, start up accelerators and co-creation spaces. Talk to us and we will make it happen.

Swing Space

We understand that sometimes you may need temporary space to accommodate your team. Whether your HQ is under renovation, you are entering a new market in a rush, you are moving around your teams, or you simply want to be closer to your clients, we have the solution for you. We can offer you the flexibility you need to grow your business and help clarify your plans.

Dedicated Floor

When your workspace needs are larger than a dedicated area, we can help you find, design, build and manage you dream space. We will manage the entire process, from sourcing and negotiating the real estate on your behalf according to your budget and specifications, to designing and building your workspace, and ultimately operating your office (IT, electricity, cleaning, HVAC, and facilities management). This is the ideal solution if you are planning large satellite offices or a new HQ.

Special Projects

We are experts in creating spaces that foster innovation and collaboration, in building communities around specific industry verticals and in making work better for all types of organisations. If you need more than space, if you need a true partner who can help you transform how your employees work and collaborate, look no further. Our flexible approach and team of experts in community building, event management and collaborative best practice will help you increase your employees’ engagement and level of collaboration.

Redefine your work culture

Do you need more than just space? Whether you want to create an innovation hub, transform a corporate headquarter, inject collaboration and innovation into your organisation or connect with emerging startups, we can help you bring your vision to life. Our Enterprise 360 team have experience in workplace collaboration, community building and events planning to help you execute on your idea. Tell us what your vision is and we will make it happen.

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Let us know what your needs are and we will make it happen. Contact us today!

No matter what your enterprise needs are, be it global access, a swing space, a dedicated HQ or an innovation hub, JustCo got you covered! Our Enterprise 360 team will work with you to design the ideal workspace solution for you!

Explore Other Enterprise Solutions

Flexible Access

Give your employees even more flexibility by allowing them to work at any of our locations.


If your teams need more privacy and a permanent location, we’ve got you covered. With our suite solutions, you get your own private space, ideal for housing satellite, division or project-based teams.