Grow your business in the age of the customer

With Singapore’s booming economy, everyone is fighting for a spot to launch ideas and products into the market today. But how can one sustain and survive as an SME?

Salesforce’s very own David Han- who has 5 years of experience helping small businesses grow, shared tips how to find, win and keep customers happy!

Some of the topics covered during David’s enriching workshop was Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Nurturing & Funding Business and the 7 Guiding Principle.

Salesforce have been awarded as the #1 Best place to work since 2014. The votes they received for this award is a definite testament that their incredible team value customer success, innovation and family knit community.

There can’t be a better organization to seek advice and entrust your business plan to.

Thank you Salesforce for choosing JustCo coworking space as your platform to start us up!