Hotdesking Sharing Session: Growth Strategies Beyond Facebook Ads

Event: BEYOND FACEBOOK ADS: Digital Growth-Hacking Strategies by Unicorn Factory Sg

Digital Marketing has been the buzz word for quite some time now, but who is the real expert and how we do exactly manoeuvre in the multifaceted online world? Questions and different scenarios spring up everyday regardless of your business industry. Amidst this, how do we find relevance, decide on the best digital strategy, and most importantly be cost-effective to the business?

Just a couple of months back, hot desking office provider JustCo had the privilege to co-host a sharing session with Unicorn Factory – Singapore’s first community dedicated to the aspirations of wildly ambitious and entrepreneurial individuals.

It is not just about Facebook advertisements if that is what you are thinking; it is cutting through digital clutter and leveraging growth-hacking strategies to deliver tangible results.

The panelists of digitally-savvy folks included Tan Tse Yong – Co-founder of FitLion and Gymboxx, Melissa Lim – Co-founder of BiTS and CMO, and Low Boon Seong – Founder of Align Group.

Each of the speakers took turns to share their expertise on various interesting digital aspects like how to cut losses from marketing campaigns with little or no impact, how to apply digital ‘growth-hacking’ techniques to drive higher profits with minimal spend, and how to optimize e-commerce operations by ROI measurements.

Melissa advised, “Instead of always talking about doing more, just go ahead and do it, give it a few tries, and see what really works.”

There is certainly no shortcut to gaining and retaining loyal followers online, so understanding your target audience is key.

“We did not spend a lot of money renovating the gym, but instead we placed motivational quotes around the gym that our fitness buffs could relate to. We know those quotes speak to them,” said Tse Yong, who believes that if the product is good enough, it will sell itself.

He continued, “The gym naturally become ‘Instagram-able’ because the environment itself was a good photo opportunity.”

Similarly, never estimate the effect of a photogenic workplace. This is one of the important reasons that makes hot-deskingan attractive option—one would feel more motivated to work in a stylishly-designed co working space that gives off a feel of positivity.

Post-event, we also saw many attendees going up to the speakers to chat further and share more insights. The event ended on a very fruitful note.