JustGroup Crew’s Show & Tell: U-Jam Fitness® :Let the Music Drive You

The much-anticipated JustGroup Crew’s Show & Tell: U-Jam Fitness class organized by JustGroup and conducted by JustCo’s very own Sharlene Ann Poh, was held on 30 November at JustCo @ 120 Robinson Road.

The 60-minute workout is more than just a fitness session, it brings people together and creates a bond during the session. In addition, it has cultivated a social environment where participants can feel a sense of belonging.

As a professionally trained U-Jam instructor, Sharlene has an extensive background in dance. She began dancing when she was 5 years old. She started with Ballet and followed by Chinese Dance, Modern Dance and eventually moved on to Hip Hop and Street Jazz. She was then trained to be the instructor by the US U-Jam expert, Chin Solo.

As U-Jam Fitness is still a relatively new workout in Singapore, Sharlene shares with us a bit more about the dance, “U-Jam Fitness is an athletic urban dance fitness workout that is bound to get your heart rate up, your body moving, and make you work up a sweat – all while having FUN! U-Jam Fitness was created in January 2010. By uniting world beats with urban rhythm, U-Jam Fitness has quickly taken the San Francisco Bay Area dance fitness craze by storm.

“U-Jam is an exhilarating experience that makes you forget you’re working out, seeing participants dripping in sweat and glowing with a smile.” She adds.

Melina, one of the participants, said with a smile that it was a fun and energetic session.

Sofy agreed. “I had fun!”

“This was an awesome way to have a workout”, Hidah added.

Like others, Joan would love to attend more sessions.

Sharlene is pleased with the support she received. “I am really delighted that the event went well and everyone enjoyed the session. Seeing them laugh and enjoying themselves, as in instructor, that is what you want to see.”