The Ironman Coach Helping People Avoid Misdiagnosis

Most people will be misdiagnosed at least once in their life according to research by the Institute of Medicine. These mistakes not only cost patients time and money but could also cause serious harm.

In US and Europe it’s common practice to go to the doctor then look for a second opinion. However, getting an independent expert specialist isn’t easy and can be time consuming and impractical.

Matthias Berger is co-founder and COO of FairMedOnline, a global digital health platform that gives customers an independent, transparent and easy-to-access expert second opinion from the comfort of their own home.


Matthias explains the importance of getting a second opinion: “A second opinion may tell you an alternative solution for serious issues that require expensive treatment, including things like obesity, diabetes, fertility, aesthetics and dental.

There is a lot of overtreatment in hospitals. Doctors are increasingly under economic pressure for the funding of investments in their areas. In more than 50% of the cases, our doctors offered alternatives to surgeries recommended by the primary doctor.”


This is an area that Matthias is personally passionate about. He and the other founders share an interest in health, nutrition and technology and aim to bring transparency and accessibility to the healthcare industry through the FairMedOnline offering.

Matthias is an Ironman® Certified Coach with academic medical qualifications so knows about health and human performance management. And it was while training at the Thanyapura sports, a health and educational complex in Phuket, Thailand, where he met his fellow co-founder and the FairMedOnline partnership developed from there.

“The collaboration potential enabled us to take FairMedOnline to the next level of business development. We are not limited to offering Medical Second Opinions but through our subsidiary Caremondo, which we recently acquired, have evolved to a global provider for medical travel abroad.”


Matthias joined JustCo in April 2016 and originally started with hotdesking office. They then moved to a JustCo studio office space as the team expanded and there was increased need for privacy to make phone calls.

Today, FairMedOnline operates at global level. Matthias and the team have created an infrastructure that can deal with service, delivery, 20 hours of customer calls per day and global payments – so the main set up is done. Now the team strongly focuses on sales.

He says that finding qualified people is always a challenge and the JustCo co working space environment aids in the process: “Guests are always impressed and happy when they come to JustCo, which helps when trying to get new talent. This is very important as we’re expanding the team further soon.”

He is also interested in the opportunity for the JustCo team to facilitate communication between FairMedOnline and potential freelancers, clients and investors.


To find out more about FairMedOnline, receive a second opinion or refer a friend, visit their website or for medical travel here