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Enterprise Solutions

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With our dedicated Enterprise Team and inhouse team of expert designers, space planners and project managers, JustCo offers customised office space solutions to meet every need.

Enterprise Team

Our dedicated Enterprise Team will work closely with you from the get go to understand your needs, concerns and provide you with the best solutions across the region. We value client satisfaction and endeavour to render you with the best results and experience.

Bespoke Solutions

If your team need more privacy and a permanent location, we’ve got you covered.

We can build for you your own private office space designed according to your needs, brand guidelines and exact specifications. Be it a private entrance, a customised reception area or the entire office designed to reflect your company’s corporate persona and aesthetics, we have a dedicated team with years of experience to make it happen and a suite of enterprise solutions at your disposal. JustCo is not just a flexible workspace provider, but your trusted partner and one-stop office solutions manager.

JustCo Core & Flex

Core and Flex Solutions

As we return to work in the new normal, we understand you are faced with ever-more-demanding real estate challenges. Your stakeholders have heightened workplace health and safety concerns, staff prefer to work from home majority of the time, and social distancing is necessary. These new demands change how you plan your real estate.

Book a tour with us today to understand the Core & Flex possibilities your organization can benefit from through a high-level space and cost analysis. With data, we will review the possible combinations of Core & Flex solutions, to meet your long-term real estate housing solution for your organization that enables flexibility to scale, cost savings, and higher stakeholder satisfaction.

JustCo Enterprise Solutions

Regional Network and Support

With JustCo’s regional footprint, we can support your business demands and expansion plans by providing you enterprise solutions across cities.

The same dedicated Enterprise Team coupled with each local project team can set up your overseas office with the same service standards, quality and experience, making settling into a foreign location much simpler and faster.

Your staff also has the flexibility of working at any of our regional locations whenever they travel for business.

Why Co-Working for Enterprise

From reduced operational costs to optimal networking capabilities, opting for a customised serviced office in Singapore provides enterprises with numerous advantages.


Commit to flexible lease terms and office solutions that work for you
Upsize and right-size your space as your business needs evolves


Tap on our economies of scale for office setup procurement
Save cost by renting only the spaces you need and tap into our communal facilities

Design and Project Execution

Work with our design team for your physical and branding requirements
Enjoy a bespoke, flexible and tech-enabled workspace


Participate in curated and wide variety of events
Build your business partnerships and network with a community that spans key cities in various countries

Enterprise Solution Case Studies

Case Study 1: Global Investment Company


A global investment company headquartered in Singapore with 11 offices worldwide, 730 employees and owning/managing a net portfolio of $308 billion.


A large project team require an interim yet flexible space within close proximity to their current office that can accommodate the team’s evolving requirements. In addition, they do not have a dedicated office management team to take care of the project team.


An entire floor was customised and dedicated for their own exclusive use, with 150 flexible workstations, meetings rooms, a dry pantry, collaborative spaces, phone booths, storage and server rooms and a private entrance. In addition, facilities management is provided and all staff have access to JustCo communal facilities.

Case Study 2: Multinational Conglomerate


Fortune 500 multinational conglomerate in the global digital industry and ranked 13th largest firm in the U.S.


Require an office space in Bangkok, Thailand, to house their various teams that is  currently  based in different buildings. Client is not keen on traditional leasing offices due to inflexibility and the under-utilization of work stations.


Bespoke space with 115 flexible desks and optimised to accommodate meeting rooms,  phone booths and breakout area. In addition, client has option to right size the space when required.

Enterprise Members