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How COVID-19 Proves to be A Business Opportunity for JustCo with 2 New Co-Working Spaces in Singapore

| Oct 2020 |

In light of the COVID-19 situation, businesses have been forced to adapt quickly and implement remote working or working from home. As companies face economy uncertainties and workers adopt a new way of working, challenges and severe limitations for many businesses arise. Today, businesses recognize the importance of a flexible, reliable and sustainable workspace solution to counter cost pressures ahead, and to retain teams’ productivity and engagement. In an interview with Vulcan Post, Co-founder and CCO of JustCo, KONG Wan Long said, “Many corporates have started to realise that large headquarters which house all staff may not be the best way to go. The co-working model will continue to remain as a viable option, and we foresee more businesses housing employees in flexible workspaces — be it for remote working, business continuity purposes or even workforce decentralisation.” To read the full interview, kindly click here.

JustCo Identifies One-North for its Newest Centre, Strategically Located in the Heart of Singapore’s Science Hub

{:ko} As Featured on: The Business Times | Oct 2020 | 아시아 태평양 지역의 선도적인 공유오피스 회사인 저스트코는 다음 오픈 센터로 싱가포르의 기술 혁신 허브인 One-North를 선택했다. 2021년 2분기에 오픈 예정인 저스트코의 신규 센터는 Fusionpolis, Biopolis, Mediapolis, Ayer Rajah, JTC Launchpad 와 같은 One-North의 주요 지역 옆에 전략적으로 자리잡고 있다. 이 지역에는 생물 의학, 정보 통신 [...]...

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JustCo on CNBC Asia TV: Our New Future

{:ko} | Sept 2020 | 코로나19 대유행의 결과로 전세계 기업들이 재택 또는 분산 근무 등 직원의 안전을 위해 다양한 계획을 시행했습니다. CNBC Asia TV 인터뷰에서 JustCo의 CEO인 Kong Wan Sing은 “팬데믹은 우리의 일하는 방식을 바꿨습니다. 기업들은 생산성과 팀간의 협업 등의 [...]...

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