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JustCo Identifies One-North for its Newest Centre, Strategically Located in the Heart of Singapore’s Science Hub

As Featured on:

    1. The Business Times

| Oct 2020 |

JustCo, the leading coworking company in Asia Pacific has chosen Singapore’s technological innovation hub, One-North, for its next shared workspace. Target to open in Q2 2021, JustCo’s newest location sits strategically next to One-North’s key district precincts such as Fusionpolis, Biopolis, Mediapolis, Ayer Rajah and JTC Launchpad – which are home to a vast number of global-leading companies and innovative startups in the biomedical sciences, infocomm technology, media and engineering industries.

Housed within Razer’s Southeast Asia Headquarters building, JustCo’s new coworking centre will mean an opportunity for gaming hardware and consumer electronics companies to be located strategically near to Razer, the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers. Companies of similar synergy can then cross-pollinate ideas, share knowledge and drive greater technology innovation with one another. This new collaborative milestone will strongly position JustCo and Razer at the forefront of innovation in their respective workspace and gaming industries.

Building on the aligned vision between JustCo and Razer to help its community succeed, the partnership and mutual support began from initiatives such as Singapore’s first fully automated face mask manufacturing line and most recently JustCo’s regional PUBG Mobile Championship. JustCo at One-North will continue to add value to Razer’s member network, by offering holistic total work solutions, networking opportunities, connections to JustCo’s ever-growing community of 25,000 members, and more, bringing the partnership to the next level.

Part of One-North’s attraction is the unlimited opportunities it presents for flexible workspaces like JustCo to support and catalyse the growth of Singapore’s technology and science related industries. Be it existing companies in One-North looking to expand and require a space for community engagement, or companies looking to venture into this tech innovation hub, JustCo offers a breeding ground for small and large companies to gain access to top talents, researchers, cutting-edge technologies, as well as JustCo’s ever-growing community network across nine cities in Asia Pacific.

As businesses transit and adapt into the new normal post COVID-19, JustCo is well-positioned to meet their needs. The One-North location is ideal for companies looking for alternative workspace solutions in a suburban district to implement remote working practice or to decentralise their workforce. JustCo will offer existing and future companies at One-North a diverse community and networking opportunities to co-innovate and co-create.

“In line with our mission to build smart, tech-enabled future of offices, JustCo at One-North will further expand our focus on tech innovations, driving more value and success to our community. Whether in good times during pre-COVID or challenging times in today’s new normal, what key growth industries need to succeed is a hotbed of innovation and the ability to connect and share knowledge with businesses of similar synergy. Today, the main adopters of co-working spaces do not appeal to only entrepreneurs and start-ups. JustCo is excited to be able to serve the One-North community, particularly from Razer’s new Headquarters, which will reinforce the neighbourhood’s vibes as an ideal office choice,” says Brandon Chia, Vice President & Head of Singapore and Indonesia, JustCo.

“We are excited to welcome JustCo as a close neighbour in our new Headquarters building at One-North. At Razer, we take pride in engaging our diverse gaming community. Being a leader in the gaming industry, innovation is a must, and we are happy to be doing this with our fellow industry disrupter, JustCo,” says Patricia Liu, Chief of Staff at Razer.

JustCo at One-North is in response to the continued demand for flexible workspaces, following JustCo’s new spaces at OCBC Centre East and The Centrepoint, which have welcomed cosmetic giant L’Oreal and Tencent-backed Riot Games as its newest members. JustCo at One-North space will strongly position itself at the heart of innovations, which is a build-on to its smart co-working space at The Centrepoint. With on-demand space usage, workspace technologies, and networking opportunities across nine cities in Asia Pacific, JustCo at One-North will continue to make work better for both businesses and individuals.

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