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JustCo Takes Over 16-Storey Building in Seoul’s Gangnam Business District; Secures its Largest Centre across Asia

| July 2019 |

JustCo, Asia’s leading premium flexible workspace provider, is set to take over a 16-storey commercial building in Seoul’s Gangnam Business District. The building, renamed JustCo Tower (formerly known as FL Tower) will be JustCo’s largest co-working centre across Asia Pacific and its first lease of an entire building to be transformed into a mega multi-level co-working space.

JustCo Tower will be the brand’s fourth centre in South Korea in less than a year – strengthening its portfolio of centrally located co-working centres in the city, from Ferrum Tower to Seoul Finance Center and another upcoming centre at The Pinnacle Gangnam. The commitment to expand in South Korea is in response to workspace solutions demand on the rise, especially from large corporates. JustCo Tower will offer tailored one-stop workspace solution to large organisations that are seeing increasing value in a coworking space, as they get to enjoy flexibility, cost savings and regional access.

Spanning 140,000 square feet, JustCo Tower is scheduled to open its doors in November 2019. It will be the first ‘smart’ building to pilot the use of JustCo’s very own innovative solutions and technologies to enhance the overall workspace experience, bringing convenience and ease of navigation to members.

With an aim of creating a workplace that encourages both physical and mental wellbeing, JustCo members can expect regular lifestyle and wellness events such as lunchtime zumba classes and art-centric workshops to promote healthy work-life balance. These events will foster a wellness culture in the workplace and instil a strong sense of community by bringing together like-minded individuals from across 16-storeys for networking and business opportunities.

According to a report by CBRE, the flexible workspaces in Seoul have seen rapid expansion in 2018, with 90% of co-working spaces located within the core CBD area. “JustCo’s rapid expansion within South Korea speaks volume of the market potential in co-working, with increasing demand from large corporates including Fortune 500 companies. With JustCo Tower due to open in November 2019, we already have 60% of the space pre-leased. In building the Future of Work, we are continuously ramping up our technology solutions to drive tech-savvy and smart digital workspaces that are scalable and will enhance the experience for JustCo members,” says Mr. Kong Wan Sing, Founder and CEO of JustCo.

Situated within the bustling Gangnam Business District, JustCo Tower will provide members a spectacular view of Seoul’s cityscape and the exclusivity of being housed in a standalone property. Highlights of the building include a multi-purpose rooftop lounge for members to bond over a friendly game of basketball or utilize the space forwellness programmes such as yoga, games area with table tennis facilities, phone booths and sleeping pod rooms to sneak a quick shut-eye.

JustCo Tower will also feature spacious private suites, hot-desking areas, an in-house café for members to get a quick caffeine fix, and two specially designed event spaces – a tiered seating open space for townhall events, and three seminar rooms with collapsible doors and partitions to form a large space that can hold more than 100 guests. Members will benefit from the flexibility and convenience of JustCo’s shared workspace, full suite of facilities and amenities, along with regular community events where they can network, seek new connections and harness the collaborative energy in a co-working space.

Aesthetically, JustCo Tower will boast ample timbre and wood elements, along with rich colour palettes and warm tones. The space will make for an inspiring and conducive environment that further enhances the community spirit among members.

The investment from Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund GIC, and multi-national property company, Frasers Property Limited has played a vital role in fuelling JustCo’s rapid expansion across Asia.

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